Jared McCain will change the landscape of the NBA

Before the NBA Draft, there was a lot of talk about Jared McCain for many reasons. All of this will lead to McCain changing the NBA for the future.

Personality is becoming a big deal not only in the NBA, but in all sports leagues as a whole. Fans want to keep up with their favorite players and see the true, authentic versions of the players. McCain embodies that, but on a whole other level. There are numerous TikTok videos featuring McCain dating back to his college days at Duke. The “embarrassing” TikTok videos leading up to the 2024 NBA Draft sparked a lot of discussion about his commitment to the actual game.


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Personality is not a bad thing and in fact will set the tone for the future in terms of brand building off the court. Although McCain has critics, he has also gained a social media following that will help bridge the NBA's social media and exposure. McCain has a unique personality and doesn't hide it, making him the trendsetter an organization like the NBA needs to continue to attract younger fans in a variety of ways.

Not only does his social media presence play a role in how McCain can make his mark on the NBA, but so does his play on the court. McCain has extremely high shooting accuracy, vision, and defensive skills that will help the 76ers greatly. Thanks to these skills, he averaged 14.3 points per game, 5.0 rebounds, and 1.9 assists. Not to mention his versatility to play both guard positions and his ability to create plays from anywhere on the court will give Philadelphia the momentum it needs.

By combining his playing style and social media skills, McCain will become a trendsetter and forever change the NBA landscape for the future.