Filming for New Regency's WATCH DOGS adaptation has begun

Ubisoft has announced that filming has officially begun on the movie adaptation of its Watch Dog series. The video game developer/publisher made the announcement on social media.

“Lights_Camera_Action.exe”, The developer posted, pointing out the franchise's focus on hacking. Unfortunately, there's not much more to be gleaned from the post, although we did get some official details last month when Ubisoft confirmed that production on the film adaptation would begin this summer.

The adaptation, which is being produced at New Regency, is based on an original story that was Watchdog Universe. Tom Blyth (The Hunger Games – The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes) and Sophie Wilde (Talk to me) will star in the film, but their roles are being kept secret. Since it is an original story, it is unclear if they will play characters that appear in the video games.

The French filmmaker Mathieu Turi (The deep darkness) will direct, with the original screenplay written by Christie LeBlanc and revised by Victoria Beta. Leblanc is best known for writing the screenplay for Netflix's oxygena science fiction thriller based on the screenplay of Black List from 2016 O2. Yariv Milchan and Natalie Lehmann of New Regency are producing along with Margaret Boykin of Ubisoft Film & Television.

There were three Watchdog Games released so far: Watchdog (2014), Watchdogs 2 (2016) and Watchdogs: Legion (2020). The games are typically set in fictionalized versions of real-world cities and tell stories that largely revolve around hacker protagonists who fall into the criminal underworld and take on corrupt corporations, gangsters, and rival hackers.

“Each game offers different stories in a world where hacker rebels try to fight injustice. This is made possible by CTOS, a digital information system that connects entire cities in a single network.” Ubisoft describes the franchise. “From Aiden Pearce in Chicago to Marcus Holloway in San Francisco to citizens in a dystopian London, members of the hacker organization DedSec are using their advanced hacking apps and devices to undermine the oppressive rule of CTOS and expose the corruption behind the system.”

2014 Watchdog The franchise launched in a fictionalized version of Chicago with a story about hacker and vigilante Aiden Pearce, who seeks revenge after the murder of his niece. Watchdogs 2 took us to a San Francisco-inspired city and followed a hacker named Marcus Holloway as he worked with the underground hacker group DedSec to take down the city's sophisticated surveillance system.

The latest game in the series was 2020 Watchdogs: Legionwhich took us to a futuristic, dystopian London. The story is about the hacker syndicate DedSec, which is trying to clear its name after being blamed for a series of terrorist attacks. Unlike the first two games, legion allows you to play as any person in the city and recruit them for your team.

The Watchdog Games have generally received positive reviews and are among Ubisoft's most financially successful video game series. Let's hope that a film adaptation does the games justice.