IF NOTHING REMAINS Signs To The Circle Music

Swedish death-doom band When Nothing Remains has signed with The Circle Music for the release of their new album A Glimmer Of Hope.

The Circle Music said: “We are delighted to welcome When Nothing Remains, a very promising band from Sweden. The decision to go together was immediate when we heard some of the new songs that will be featured on the upcoming album A Glimmer Of Hope.

“Subversive and pitch-black doom metal in a magical gothic atmosphere, accompanied by dark vocals reminiscent of the early days of Saturnus.

“If the three previous albums “When Nothing Remains” made their presence felt, then we can confidently say that “A Glimmer Of Hope” will be a real gem in their discography and in the general field of doom/death metal!”

Peter Laustsen of When Nothing Remains said: “We are proud to announce that we have signed a contract with the Greek label The Circle Music. We had several offers to choose from but felt that The Circle Music (home of Lake of Tears and Trail of Tears among others) was the right way to go. We would like to thank Maria for her great commitment and belief in our music.”

When Nothing Remains is a Swedish doom/death metal band with members from bands such as Nox Aurea, The Cold Existence, Rimfrost, Draconian and Doom: VS.

The idea for When Nothing Remains came about in late 2010 when Peter Laustsen and Jan Sallander wanted to create something very dark and emotional. In 2011 Jonas Toxen stepped in for drums and Johan Ericson “Draconian, Doom VS, Shadowgarden” for clean vocals, mixing and mastering.