Dead fish in Abbotsford Creek after accidental firefighting foam release – BC

The accidental release of firefighting foam damaged a nearby stream that runs through a popular dog park.

On Wednesday evening, community members at the Bateman Dog Park in Abbotsford, BC, noticed foam beginning to form in the local creek.

Upon closer inspection, Kelly Perrin said he found dead fish and other dead aquatic life in the creek.

“I came back at 11 p.m. Everything was dead and as I went up the creek it got worse,” he told Global News.

“Anything further downstream could die. We don't know the toxicity of the foam or its potential, but I can tell you that everything I've seen is dead.”

Perrin said he went to bed not knowing what had happened, despite contacting numerous local authorities.

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“I don’t think they responded appropriately,” he said.

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Signs were posted in the park Thursday morning warning of the water and firefighters asked visitors to leave their pets on the trails.

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Abbotsford Fire Chief Erick Peterson has claimed responsibility after concentrated firefighting foam was accidentally spilled at Fire Station 7 and flowed into a sewer and eventually ended up in Stoney Creek.

“I want to deeply apologize to the citizens of Abbotsford for what happened,” Peterson said.

“We use a pumping system and unfortunately had an unforeseeable incident.

“We will fully investigate this incident, review procedures and if anything needs to be changed, those changes will be implemented.”

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When Global News was at Fire Station 7 on Thursday, a cameraman saw Environment Canada workers on site, retrieving empty plastic containers from a dumpster.

It is unclear exactly how much foam ended up in the stream.

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