President confuses Independence Day with Christmas when he addresses his audience with “ho, ho, ho”

Joe Biden has been sharply criticized for apparently confusing Christmas with Independence Day, the latest in a series of faux pas by the embattled president.

After being introduced by Vice President Kamala Harris at a rally in Wisconsin, Biden greeted the crowd with an exuberant “Ho, ho, ho” – which caused some commentators to worry that the commander in chief had confused the two holidays a little.

After a break, Biden finally wished those in attendance a “Happy Independence Day” – before attempting to allay concerns on stage about his ability to serve another four years as president.

Later in his speech, Biden referred to his disastrous performance in the debate against Donald Trump last week, but contradicted the speculation with a clear answer.

The president admitted his poor performance in debates


The 81-year-old said: “We had a little debate last week. I can't say it was my best performance. But since then there has been a lot of speculation. 'What will Joe do? Will he stay in the race? Will he drop out?'

“Well, here’s my answer: I’m running and I’m going to win again.”

Biden had been questioned about his ability to defeat Donald Trump in the November 5 election. Representative Lloyd Doggett was the first Democrat in Congress to call on him to resign in a statement, saying he was “hopeful” that the president would “make the painful and difficult decision to resign.”

And now Senator Mark Warner, a highly respected moderate Democrat, is inviting his party's senators to a meeting on Monday to discuss Biden's campaign. The Washington Post reported that Warner will urge the group to pressure Biden to drop out of the race.


Joe Biden

Biden said defiantly: “I’m running and I’m going to win again”


And even some Democratic supporters expressed concerns about the president's plans to run for re-election.

One person at the rally in Madison held a sign behind Biden that read, “Pass the torch, Joe,” while another person could be seen holding a banner that read, “Save your legacy, get out!”

As Biden looks to challenge Donald Trump later this year, he took some targeted swipes at his predecessor on stage.

The president criticized Trump's intelligence and called him a liar, delivering sharp attacks that were absent from his appearance on the debate stage in Atlanta.

Biden demonstrator holds poster

Even some Democrats expressed concerns about the president's plan to run for re-election.


Returning to the Independence Day speech, Biden pointed to a remark by Trump in which he falsely claimed that George Washington's revolutionary army occupied British airports in 1776 and chimed in: “He is a 'stable genius.'”

But he was harsher in his criticism of those members of his party who had expressed doubts about his ability to lead them to victory over Trump in the November 5 election.

“I am the nominee of this party,” Biden said. “They are trying to push me out of the race. Let me say this as clearly as possible: I am staying in the race!”