Cycling races, live music and family fun in Kremmling this weekend

During the Elevation Festival 2022, Sean BE presented his debut single “Step into my Story” among others. Sean BE returns for the 2024 festival to promote his new single “Honey”.
Meg Soyars Van Hauen/Photo courtesy

On July 6, Kremmling residents and visitors can take part in two town traditions – the Elevation Festival and the Kowtown Gravel Race.

The organizers of the festival and the cycling race work together on a day full of movement and celebration.

Fundraiser for Middle Park Health

Kowtown is now in its second year is a gravel bike race that allows participants to explore the most beautiful trails in Kremmling. The race includes three course lengths: The Bull (90 miles), The Cow (65 miles) and The Calf (35 miles). All courses start at 8 a.m. at West Grand High School. Bikers also have the option to ride through a private ranch on Black Mountain.

Kremmling organizers said the race's gravel roads were “undeveloped and untamed.”

At the Kowtown Gravel Race, bikers can enjoy scenic bike rides through the Kremmling countryside.
Kowtown Gravel/Photo courtesy

In 2023, the popularity of the inaugural race exceeded organizers' expectations. This year, they expect more than 700 racers. All proceeds from the race will benefit Plank By Plank, the fitness studio project of the Middle Park Health wellness center.

At the end of the race, participants will meet in the town square from noon for an exhibition and announcement of the winners' podiums. This is also the start of the Elevation Fest. Cyclists can meet with festival-goers and enjoy lunch and family-friendly activities together.

Uplifting music and messaget

Elevation offers music, food and fellowship on the town square on Saturday and Sunday. Attendees can enjoy free food from local vendors, bouncy castles, art, face painting, a skate park, splash pad and live music on Saturday. Festivities begin at 12pm.

On Saturday, Biff Gore, the ambassador of soul, will play all afternoon with the band Confluence. At 6 p.m., Sean “Be” Rodriguez will bring energetic dance routines and soulful music to the stage.

On Sunday there is a worship service with an inspiring sermon by Biff Gore and a free lunch. Sunday events are from 10am to 12pm.

The religious festival is organized by the Kremmling parish church and is completely free every year thanks to an anonymous donor.

Participants enjoy the 2022 Elevation Festival. The free event is hosted by Kremmling Community Church and is open to all.
Meg Soyars/Photo courtesy