Max Verstappen’s rule violation highlighted by McLaren facts, videos and GPS data

McLaren team boss Andrea Stella is convinced that his team “data, videos, facts, analysis, [and] GPS” which proves that Max Verstappen “definitely” spun off while braking in the final laps of the Austrian Grand Prix while battling Lando Norris.

Yes, the conversation around Austria is still thriving as we wrap up practice for the British Grand Prix, and McLaren's Andrea Stella added more context to the conversation by saying he was confident his team could prove Verstappen deserved a more critical look from race control.

“There is nothing personal” about McLaren’s requests to race management

Speaking to Sky Sports after practice for the British Grand Prix, Andrea Stella mentioned that the McLaren team was ready to put the Austrian Grand Prix behind them – but that there was still work to be done in the race control department.

“There are several things to consider here,” Stella said. “The first is that Lando, you know, is the one who has to move forward, who has to keep going, so to speak.”

“If you stayed calm like you did last week, you won’t do a good job here at Silverstone.

“We see that the car is competitive and we definitely want to capitalise on that. So Lando is looking forward and we support that view.

“The second consideration is that at no point is this a personal matter. At no point is there any attempt, certainly not on our part, to polarise views – it's either black or it's white.

“In my opinion, this is not the case anywhere in the world. There is a polarization [when]That is not what we want.

“But for me there is data, videos, facts, analysis, GPS data, and we spent quite a bit of time confirming our initial opinions.

“I must say, our initial opinions were confirmed.”

“So [Max] turned while braking?” Stella was asked.

“Yes, definitely,” he confirmed.

“And as I said immediately after the race: If these maneuvers had been responded to immediately with a warning, with a black and white flag, in my opinion there would have been no escalation.

“That’s clear. And I think the race stewards are also aware of that.”

“Now it is time to move on and learn as much as possible from the opportunities we had and there was a lot of information from Austria [to] to put Formula 1 in a better position in terms of policy and enforcement of the existing regulations governing the conduct of races.

“And now let’s look at this weekend.”

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Although it seems that McLaren is only having this discussion in the headlines, Andrea Stella denies that this is the team's intention.

Stella even says that it is not necessary to speak directly to Red Bull because McLaren's contact is higher up the chain of command.

“Our counterpart in such discussions is actually the FIA.

“As I said, it's nothing personal, it's nothing polarized. I think I said right away: [I have] I have a lot of respect for Red Bull, for Max and for what they have achieved. However, our counterpart is the FIA ​​and the race stewards.

“We simply asked for clarification and were actually satisfied with the response we received from the race stewards and the FIA.”

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