YouTube can now use AI to remove copyrighted music from videos

YouTube quietly celebrated Independence Day this week by previewing a new feature that uses artificial intelligence to help creators declare their independence from copyright infringement.

One of the most annoying aspects of streaming or creating YouTube videos is when copyrighted music accidentally makes its way into your videos. If you don't catch this early on, you could lose all the money you make from the video and potentially get in trouble with YouTube itself.

Sometimes this uncovers piracy. Often, people get caught stumbling upon a licensed song in a video game or in the background of their vlog. For live videos, not muting in time can demonetize the stream's archive, while producers creating edited videos may have to spend hours painstakingly isolating a song from the rest of their work.

YouTube has had a song deletion tool in beta for some time, but the company wasn't exactly proud of its effectiveness. Now it's updating the feature with a new AI algorithm that scans a video for copyrighted music and gives creators two options.

Delete song will use AI to try to intelligently mute only the annoying music while leaving the rest of your audio intact, while Mute all sound works as a fallback to mute a video for the duration of a copyrighted song.

While YouTube promises better performance with the updated tool, Support page says it “may not work if the song is too difficult to remove,” so an alternative is needed.

Unfortunately, Erase Song is only available when a video is copyrighted, which means it cannot be used proactively. To access it, go to the summary page of your copyright claim and click Select action in the lower right corner of the screen. Click Delete songthen choose Delete song (yes, again) to use AI to intelligently remove only the claimed audio. Alternatively, click Mute all sound in the affected segments if you're not sure what the AI ​​can do. You can preview your edited video before completing your claim, and if you mute all audio in a claimed segment, you can either use suggested timestamps or customize your own.

YouTube's support page states, “If all claimed audio can be muted, the Content ID claim will be removed from your video.” This means that creators can use this system to avoid having to deal with a representative.

“Erase Song” is joined by similar tools such as “Replace Song,” which allows creators to replace a copyrighted song with royalty-free music, and “Trim Out Segment,” which completely removes the copyrighted part of a video.