Will Kentucky be the best three-point team in college basketball?

Kentucky fans can rest assured that the roster for the 2024-25 season will be full of elite shooters. There is a possibility that Kentucky's team could be the best three-point team in college basketball this season.

Kentucky was a great team last season with Reed Sheppard, Antonio Reeves and Rob Dillingham. Now Mark Pope is taking over as coach of the Kentucky Wildcats and he is excellent at coaching to make open threes.

Last season, Coach Pope's BYU team only made 34% of its threes, but attempted the second-most threes per game in all of college basketball with 32. Coach Pope's offense will feature a lot of threes, and he has assembled a roster that fits that system perfectly.

All of Kentucky's point guards have great game reading so they will find open shooters, but they can also shoot. Coach Pope brings in Koby Brea, who was the best three-point shooter in college basketball last year and should be just as good in this system. Jaxson Robinson followed Coach Pope from BYU and is a solid shooter. Kentucky power forward Andrew Carr hit 37% of his threes last season at Wake Forest and will be a great shooter and a consistent bust in Lexington.

Looking at the stats at the end of the season this year, there's a chance Coach Pope's Wildcats are the best three-point team in all of college basketball. That will help the Wildcats' chances of being successful in March.