Name of Jude Law's character revealed by merchandise leak

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew you just can't get lucky with these merchandise leaks, can you? The latest one may have given us a glimpse at the name of Jude Law's mysterious Force-user character, as well as the names of the main child characters.

The LEGO fan account Falconbricks via IGN shared images of an upcoming LEGO set that revealed all the information. This includes the name of the main ship in the series, called Onyx Cinder. The set featured 5 new minifigures, so we have the names.

However, it is important to note that the images in the photos shared are blurred. These are the best guesses people have made about what they are saying, so they are subject to change.

Jude Law's Force-user character appears to be called “Jod.” The four child characters are a little harder to recognize, but IGN shares that they believe their names are “Wim, Fern, K8 and Neel.” The set consists of 1,325 pieces and will be released on August 1st.

Like I said, Skeleton Crew just doesn't seem to have any luck with these merchandise leaks. This is actually a bit surprising, as Star Wars is usually pretty good at keeping a handle on these things. In May, there was a leak that gave us our first look at the four child characters. The website that hosted the leak was quickly taken down, but at the speed of the internet, the damage was already done. This isn't a new thing for the franchise, as merchandise leaks have long been a problem. Still, it's pretty rare in the Disney era of the company, as the Big Mouse was pretty good at spotting them early.

Nevertheless, I am curious to hear more information. I was a little nervous about Star Wars: Skeleton Crew since it was announced. It's a great concept that harks back to the days of Amblin Entertainment films and brings a different feel to the Mandoverse.

Skeleton Crew is currently scheduled for release at Christmas.

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