5 major prominent donors call on Biden to pull out

Hollywood's biggest donors are increasingly pulling back from Joe Biden's re-election campaign after last week's debate disaster. Some of the president's most loyal and well-funded backers have publicly stated that they are withdrawing their support after the president engaged in a fragile and faltering confrontation with Donald Trump. Since then, there has been a steady stream of reports detailing how the White House (and to some extent the media itself) has long covered up the true extent of the president's cognitive problems.

Some donors even stop their support for all Democratic candidates are increasing the pressure on Biden to drop out of the race. After all, November is not just about the presidency, but also about the elections for the House of Representatives and the Senate. The drama is perhaps unique in modern political history: long-time party supporters who are committed to the election campaign are giving the President of the United States an ultimatum just four months before an important general election: “Out or else.”

Below are some of the key figures who have reportedly publicly withdrawn their support for Biden's campaign in the last week – as well as some well-known celebrity supporters who have remained silent.

Reed Hastings The Netflix co-founder said The New York Times: “Biden must resign to allow a vigorous Democratic leader to defeat Trump and ensure our security and prosperity.” Hastings and his wife, Patty Quillin, have reportedly donated more than $20 million in support of the Democratic Party in recent years.

Barry Diller The media mogul, who wants to take control of Paramount, responded with a simple “no” when Ankler asked him if he and his wife Diane von Furstenberg would still support Biden. Diller reportedly donated $100,000 to the president and the Democratic Party's super PAC in 2023.

Abigail Disney The millionaire Disney heiress and activist told CNBC that she is halting all donations to the Democratic Party until it replaces Biden on the ballot: “Biden is a good man and has served his country admirably, but the stakes are far too high. If Biden does not resign, the Democrats will lose. I am absolutely certain of that. The consequences of this defeat will be truly devastating.”

Damon Lindelof The Lost And The rest Showrunner wrote an essay for Deadline and argues that Democrats should stop their financial support until Biden resigns. “I know what my eyes, ears and heart are telling me. I was asleep at the wheel and it's time to damn well wake up… I believe in Joe Biden. I believe in him so much that we wrote him a sizable check just two weeks ago. We had to consider his opponent… I propose a DEMbargo. No checks written. No ActBlue links clicked. For anyone. … Is it wrong to punish the entire team for the pitcher's stubbornness? Maybe. But it's also common sense that if he stays in office, they'll Also lose. A rising tide lifts all boats. A falling Biden sinks them. … If they text you and ask for cash, text back that you're not giving them a penny and that you won't change your mind until there's change on the top of the ballot.”

Ari Emmanuel The CEO of Endeavor and generous Democratic donor was the harshest critic of Biden and the Democrats at the Aspen Ideas Festival. As reported by The Hollywood Reportercomplained Emanuel, “[Biden] said he would run for one term and he is doing so to restore democracy. Then he is running for a second term – that is the first nonsense, as he would say. He and his colleagues have told us that he [been] healthy for over a year … The lifeblood of a campaign is money, and perhaps this is the only way it will be achieved [solved] is when the money dries up…I've talked to a lot of big donors and they send all their money to Congress and the Senate.” Emanuel later added, “We're in Fuck City!”

And here are a few celebrities who have remained largely silent since the debate (at least publicly – there are many with strong opinions on the subject who are probably keeping their comments to themselves for now):

Jeffrey Katzenberg The mogul has taken a very active role in raising money for Biden (he recently hosted an event that reportedly raised $30 million) and has spent the last year both publicly and privately assuring people that the president is mentally up to the task of another four years. He told the Financial Times last year: “The president has shown that he is 80 years young and brings with him the wisdom, knowledge and experience that he has shown over the last two years. He is fit and engaged and has high levels of energy.” He was also quoted as dismissing doubters by claiming that Biden's age is his “superpower.”

Steven Spielberg The beloved Oscar winner has taken an active role in Biden's re-election campaign, recently helping the president deliver his D-Day anniversary speech on the cliffs of Normandy. Spielberg has also been working with the Democratic National Committee to plan the party's convention in August.

Jimmy Kimmel In addition to the tireless mockery of Trump as host of the ABC show Jimmy Kimmel Live!the comedian and talk show host, attended a fundraiser for Biden last month, where he moderated a conversation between the current president and Barack Obama. Kimmel's show currently has guest hosts, but he has spoken out on political issues on X in the past. He has yet to comment on Biden since the debate.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts Both A-list stars have long been associated with Democratic Party politics and fundraising, and both have actively supported the Biden campaign. Just last month, Clooney penned a fundraising email calling for donations to the Biden campaign and calling the 2024 election a “battle for the soul of our nation.” Another major Democratic donor at the event, Barbra Streisand, was very vocal, criticizing Trump, the moderators and the Supreme Court after the debate, but has otherwise supported The White House perspective: “Biden had a bad night. Enough of the Democrats' panic.”