From mouse dog to Hollywood star

A look at Ryan Gosling's early years

Ryan Gosling, who we now know as a major Hollywood star, didn't just start out on the big screen one day. No, his acting journey began when he was just a kid. You probably won't believe it, but he got his first break in Disney's The All-New Mickey Mouse Club when he was just 13!

Mickey Mouse Club made him a star and his big breakthrough in the film world

It all started in the Mickey Mouse Club and from there, Gosling's acting career took off. But he didn't just limit himself to kids' stuff. He also showed off his talent in horror series such as Goosebumps and Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark.

At the age of 16, Gosling took his first big step into the film world with a horror comedy called “Frankenstein and Me”. In this film, he worked alongside film legend Burt Reynolds. You could say he was in good company!

An unusual experience on the set with Burt Reynolds

Working with Reynolds was more than just acting lessons for the young Gosling. At first, Gosling was thrilled by all the attention he received from the experienced actor. But one day he found out that the attention had more to do with his acting skills.

It turned out that Reynolds had a soft spot for Gosling's stunning mother, which made Gosling the center of attention on set. This prompted Jimmy Kimmel, a popular television host, to tease Gosling that he could have been called “Ryan Reynolds” instead.

Despite the extra attention from Reynolds, Gosling stated that nothing further happened between the movie star and his mother.

Burt Reynolds' strange but valuable words of wisdom

The Ride Along star not only gave Gosling acting advice, he also shared some peculiar words of wisdom that left a lasting impression on the young heartthrob. Reynolds told Gosling not to spend his life chasing something fake while he's sitting on a real treasure.

Although the advice sounded confusing, Gosling now recognizes its importance. He wishes he had understood the true meaning when he first uttered the words.

Reynolds also warned the young actors not to watch his film “Everyone's First to Die”. Unfortunately, his advice was ignored, which led to some shocked faces among the youngsters!

The journey of Ryan Gosling

From his Disney days in the Mickey Mouse Club to his thrilling stunts in The Fall Guy, Gosling's road to fame was an exciting one. Filled with unforgettable experiences and funny stories, especially with Burt Reynolds, Gosling's journey was truly remarkable. Just as he moved us with his role in The Fall Guy, his entertaining stories continue to capture hearts and further cement his position in Hollywood.

It's safe to say that Ryan Gosling's acting career is highly respected and admired. From cute child star to impressive actor, he continues to shine and deliver incredible performances in every role. Given his rise in the industry, there's no doubt that he will continue to impress us for years to come.

From everything he's shown us so far, there's no stopping Ryan Gosling from becoming one of Hollywood's biggest stars. From his early beginnings on a Disney show to a glittering career in the film industry, Gosling is a real head turner and his story gets more exciting by the day.

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