The Weekend Edition 6/7/24 – Green & Gold Rugby

Welcome again to the weekend edition.

Wallabies fans at Suncorp

There is nothing more exciting in rugby for me than the week leading up to the first Test match of the year. The slow build of excitement that starts with speculation about the first team of the year, the actual announcement of that team, the outrage and/or delight when your favourite player doesn't or doesn't make the team, the speculation about the first Test team, the leaks about the first Test team, the actual first Test team, the outrage and/or delight when your favourite player doesn't or doesn't make the team.

With the team named, we have about two and a half days where our Australian optimism takes over and our team could be among the best in the world. Our rise up the rankings could be just a matter of time. We believe this could be the year the Bledisloe makes the journey back across the Tasman Sea. For two and a half days, the Wallabies are glorious.

It is inevitable that the Wallabies will not live up to our expectations – what team could – and we go home disappointed.

This year I'm as excited as any other, but my expectations are tempered. We have new coaches and a new philosophy. This first Test team seems to have been selected mainly on form and work ethic. That hasn't been one of our strengths in the past. Too often we've overlooked our players' weaknesses because they're particularly good at one thing.

So first of all I will be happy with a good performance and a never give up attitude and hope for a win. And at the same time I hope that the Wallabies get better as the year goes on. In addition I will do my best to stop worrying about our world rankings.

It is a leaky ship

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Like I said above, I love this week. What I don't love is that the entire test page leaked before the announcement. I was able to piece together the majority of the 23 before the announcement and that took a little bit of the enjoyment out of it for me.

On this week's Talking Teams podcast, Happyman suggested that RA could shut down the leaks and make the announcement an event. I think I'd be happy with one or two leaks and a team announcement followed by deeper analysis from the media.

Giving the media information about the team in dribs and drabs will spoil the experience for us fans. I know you're trying to generate interest in the game, but please don't do it this way. More on that in the podcast below.

So, that's it from me for this week. I hope you have a nice weekend and I'll get back to you in the comments.

Sully out.