The 10 best teams of EA College Football 25

It's been a long and arduous road to another college football game. With NCAA14 being an incredible game that is still played and loved to this day, EA's CFB25 has a lot of expectations to live up to and only time will tell whether or not it can. Ahead of its release in a few weeks, we're taking a look at the top 10 teams in the upcoming title.

The 10 best teams of EA Sports College Football 25:

  1. Georgia – 95 total
  2. Ohio State – 93 overall
  3. Oregon – 93 total
  4. Alabama – 92 total
  5. Texas – 92 total
  6. Clemson – 90 total
  7. Notre Dame – 90 total
  8. LSU – 90 total
  9. Penn State – 88 overall
  10. Utah – 88 total

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Georgia Bulldogs football players celebrate after a touchdown.

As you'd probably expect, Georgia is the highest-rated team coming into the new game. You'd expect them to be one of the best, if not the best, team in real life, and this is a pretty unanimous choice. Whether they're 2 points better overall than the next highest team is debatable, but whether or not they're #1 isn't.

The Ohio State quarterback hands the ball off to the Ohio State running back.

Ohio State received key transfers from the infamous portal this offseason and is expected to bounce back after a few disappointing seasons. According to EA, they are considered the second best team in the country and that is not an unreasonable conclusion. They will be a great choice for players in this game.

The Oregon Ducks football players celebrate.

Oregon may seem a little out of place to some, as it's been a while since they've really accomplished anything. Oregon has been largely irrelevant since Marcus Mariota's days ended, but they were briefly in the spotlight last season after killing Colorado's hype. This year, they're expected to be a top team competing for a title, and because of that, they'll be very good at the game, too.

The Alabama Crimson Tide football player celebrates a good play.

Bama is one of the harder teams to rate, and after the retirement of legendary head coach Nick Saban, they may not be the dominant force they once were. But until we see them fall off, there's no reason to assume so. With an overall rating of 92, Alabama is the fourth-best team according to EA and a phenomenal choice for players looking to play on a top team.

Texas Longhorns player in EA CFB25.

After a great year last season and a spot in the final 4-team College Football Playoff, Texas fans can celebrate getting a highly rated team in CFB25. They should have no problem making it to the 12-team playoff with the Longhorns in their upcoming game.

Clemson Tigers players in EA CFB25.

Clemson is arguably the most surprising team to be rated this highly. They were easily the second most successful team of the 4-team playoff era. However, they have not been the same in recent years and have struggled greatly to remain relevant in the playoffs.

Clemson's unwillingness/ability to make good use of the transfer portal (CFB's most controversial modern feature) can draw a lot of criticism. They still have some good players with great potential and EA is giving players the benefit of the doubt in this game.

Notre Dame player runs with the ball in EA CFB25.

In this day and age, Notre Dame is almost always good and basically never great. CFB25 is no exception. With a total score of 90, they're the seventh-best team in the new game. In real life, they're looking to take a big step forward with Marcus Freeman's third year at the helm and a much better offensive coordinator. In the video game, they're a great choice for anyone who doesn't want to deal with the horrors of *gasp* conference play.

The LSU Tigers football player runs with the ball into the end zone.

After a year in which they had the best offense in the country and a Heisman-winning quarterback, while also putting together one of the best seasons a college football player has ever had, LSU has now lost its elite OC, its starting quarterback and many other players.

Last year they weren't really able to make an impact in terms of playoff contention, but they're still a good team and deserve a high rating for the game.

The Penn State crowd during their famous whiteout.

If EA were to rate the fans' impact on the game, Penn State would probably come in at 95+ and be the leader, but EA doesn't rate that, they rate the players. With an overall rating of 88, Penn State is fair and is a good choice for players who want to win home games more easily.

Utah Utes football players celebrating.

One of the most surprising rises in the sports world in recent years has been the rise of Utah. From college football to the creation of an NHL team, the state that many Americans probably don't even know exists is doing well.

Although they failed to put together a good enough season to qualify for the CFP, Utah was a very good team and absolutely deserved to be ranked as the 10th best team.

There are only a few weeks left until we finally get our hands on this highly anticipated game, and it's shaping up to be a solid one at least. These may be the top 10 teams overall, but they're far from the only options available to you.