Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro leaked: Revolutionary stem design and advanced audio features hinted at

Seoul-based Samsung is reportedly ready to shake up the wireless audio market once again with its highly anticipated Galaxy Buds 3 Pro, which is scheduled for a big reveal at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10. Leaked images and details that have surfaced online have given enthusiasts a sneak peek at what could be a groundbreaking addition to Samsung's acclaimed audio lineup.

The leaks, originally shared by well-known informant Ice Universe on X, show a significant design change for Samsung's upcoming TWS wonder. Unlike the pebble-shaped profile of its predecessors, the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro feature a sleek stem design reminiscent of industry counterparts like the AirPods Pro. Housed in a sleek gray case with a transparent lid, the earbuds exude a modern aesthetic that is sure to catch the eye of fashion-conscious tech fans.

A standout feature of the leaked images is the introduction of subtle LED strips adorning the earbuds' arms, a design decision that adds both flair and functionality. Each earbud reportedly features different LED colors – red for the right earbud, blue for the left, and a single green LED on the front, promising a visually appealing user experience.

In terms of audio performance, the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro are rumored to deliver “ultra high-quality sound” and support up to 24-bit/96 kHz audio for a rich, immersive listening experience. The inclusion of Adaptive Noise Control (ANC) and ambient sound features increases versatility even further, allowing for both focused listening and seamless integration into the environment.

This technological marvel is powered by a robust 500 mAh battery in a redesigned charging case, ensuring longer usage time without sacrificing performance.

While these leaks paint a tantalizing picture of Samsung's latest innovation, it's important to note that official confirmation and detailed specifications won't be revealed until the highly anticipated Galaxy Unpacked event. As the countdown to July 10 begins, enthusiasts and critics alike are waiting with bated breath for Samsung's next leap in wireless audio technology.

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