Why the Yankees are struggling | Baseball Bar-B-Cast

Yahoo Sports senior MLB analysts Jordan Shusterman and Jake Mintz discuss the Yankees' home loss to the Cincinnati Reds. Listen to the full conversation on the Baseball Bar-B-Cast podcast — and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen.

Video transcript

Let's start in the Bronx.

I know you haven't been home, not at Yankee Stadium, lately.

So you haven't been here for the last week or so.

Uh, but they're having trouble.

They miss you, man.

They, they need you, they need you in the press box to play.

Well, apparently it's me, baby.

It's all about me, Jordan.

Do you know who has the biggest fan base in America? The second biggest fan base is the Yankees and the biggest fan base is everyone who hates the Yankees.

And whenever the Yankees ride on the fight bus, the other half of America rejoices (just a quick note: By the way, America, as if we think we're the Reds, but we're the Yankees).

Oh, I see what you mean.



No, that is right.

That's right.

We like to say it's funny, don't we, because I think we even saw the Reds try to adopt “America's Team” as their nickname yesterday.

We've seen a lot of teams do that, but the Reds have done that for the last couple of years as a kind of combative young team, but this American team went up against an American team, and the American team went to the Bronx and told the Yankees they were Americans against the Yanks.

They said, “Um, you're not very good.”

This is actually not too big a problem.

The Cincinnati Reds, the – I don't know if you saw this, but I should have tweeted the clip.

I know Robert Orr tweeted about this, but when the Yankees lost and got swept yesterday, Michael Kay said with disgust, “And if the Yankees lose this game, they'll get swept by the Cincinnati Reds.”

Uh, now I'm adding the sound effect, but the tone was basically just that, it was both dismissive and disappointing and condescending and all the things you would expect from a Yankee, from a Yankee, you know, uh, with a neighboring voice.

But yeah, man, I mean, this is an extension of a pretty rough stretch here for the old Yanks.