Kevin Costner's uncompromising confession about his films reveals the secret of his 43-year reign in Hollywood

Kevin Costner is one of the most popular people in Hollywood. Both as an actor and as a director, Costner has given us films that are exceptional in their performance. JFK Airport To Silverado To Dances with wolveshis films offer us both range and profound stories.

Kevin Costner in “Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1” (Image credit: Warner Brothers)

At 69 years old, the actor has been in the industry for 43 years. He started in 1981 with Sizzle Beach USA And throughout all these years, he's managed to make a name for himself, not only as a talented actor and filmmaker, but also as one of the most popular people in the industry. And his recent revelation is further proof of why.

The reason for Kevin Costner’s four decades of success

Kevin Costner has played strong, brave characters for most of his career. In his favorite genre, the Western genre, actors play rough and tough characters like a sheriff, a cowboy or a bounty hunter. And Costner embodies Westerns as if he were one with the story itself. Even when he is not making a Western, like The Bodyguardsometimes these Western characteristics are expressed in his movements or the way he conducts a dialogue.

Kevin Costner in “Horizon: An American Saga” – Chapter 1
Kevin Costner in Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1 (2024) | Warner Bros. Pictures

And while his tough characters have always been able to gain a fan base, he has always managed to make the women in his films just as strong. The actor, who recently returned to the director's chair after many years away, recently spoke about how his latest project – Horizon: An American Saga has many strong, capable female characters, played by equally strong and capable actresses, with whom he enjoyed sharing the screen.

During a recent Happy, Sad, Confused panel moderated by Josh Horowitz for Horizon, Costner talked about how, while he makes movies for men, it's the women who make the movie for him. He also thanked his female fans for dragging their partners to theaters and panels to support him and his film.

I make films for men. That's what I do. But I don't make a film if I don't have strong female characters. And that's how I've made my career. And that's why I have a good following. And I thank you women for dragging your men here. It was a Western, after all.

This sentiment may seem rare in today's world, especially when we consider the Western genre. But Costner has made sure that his films, Western or not, have strong female characters that support the story.

Kevin Costner has not had the best days lately

Kevin Costner is currently in a difficult situation. Both personally and professionally, the 69-year-old actor is having a lot of trouble getting things in order, and most things are not going the way he wants them to. In his private life, he was reportedly dating singer-songwriter Jewel after his sudden and quick divorce from his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner. However, rumors say the ship hit rock bottom before it could even set sail, and the Yellowstone The actor and the 50-year-old singer are going their separate ways.

Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner's latest film had a weak opening weekend in theaters (Image credit: Warner Brothers)

At the same time, Baumgartner, who he divorced last year, has found new love in Costner's old girlfriend. She's even ready to take the next step and plans to marry financier Josh Connor, once considered Costner's best friend. And Costner is reportedly not happy about the news, on top of everything else going on in his life.

On the professional level, his film, Horizon: An American Sagaof which Costner planned a 4-part western, is not doing particularly well. Although Costner and the film received an 11-minute standing ovation at Cannes this year, he was unable to attract investors for his project. The first two films in the saga were largely financed by Costner himself. In a cover-page interview with GQ, he revealed that he invested around $38 million in the first two films. Warner Bros. later joined as a distribution partner, but overall that was not much help.

Horizon: An American Saga, Chapter 1 has already been released in cinemas and has achieved miserable numbers at the box office. And Horizon: An American Saga, Chapter 2 is scheduled to be released on August 16th. Hopefully this one will be better than the first one.