A couple from Virginia has been to 437 Texas Roadhouses and wants to visit them all

FRANKLIN, Virginia. (NewsNation) — Mike and Judy McNamara have decided to visit every Texas Roadhouse in America with their dog Andy in tow.

To date, the McNamaras have visited 437 Texas Roadhouse restaurants.

The two have known each other since third grade, when Judy McNamara says she fell in love with him. They married in 1971 and recently retired.

Today the McNamaras spend a lot of time on the road.

The two have just returned from a trip where they visited 25 Texas Roadhouse restaurants.

“It's good food,” Mike McNamara said. “For us, it's more like home cooking. And over time, it's not just about the food. It's also about the people who work in the restaurants. They're a very big family of employees.”

Although the two have been to over 400 Texas Roadhouse restaurants, they have not yet tried every item on the menu.

“We take turns because we're there so often. But there are a few things we didn't want to try,” Mike McNamara said.

The McNamaras don't have a set number of Texas Roadhouses they plan to visit each year, but Mike McNamara said they dine at about 65 to 70 different locations each year.

“I always think we're slowing down because of our age, but so far that hasn't happened,” he said.