Superman's new movie can finally fix something that every live-action film has struggled with


  • James Gunn’s Superman features a talented cast that highlights DCU Clark Kent and his career at the Daily Planet.
  • The Daily Planet team could be more involved in the action sequences and thus enrich Superman's story.
  • Gunn's experience in highlighting smaller comic book characters in team constellations promises a memorable crew for the Daily Planet.

James Gunn Superman can finally improve a significant part of the hero character that previous films struggled with. As more and more details emerge about the upcoming DCU,Superman film, the more promising it becomes. Based on early costume reveals of David Corenswet's Superman, the film promises a fresh take on the character while paying tribute to his comic and film past. What also sets this adaptation apart from previous entries is how Gunn will highlight the DCU Clark Kent and his career at the Daily Planet alongside his team of journalists.

The Daily Planet's cast was recently expanded to include a cast that includes Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane, Skyler Gisondo as Jimmy Olsen, Wendell Pierce as Perry White, Beck Bennett as Steve Lombard, Mikaela Hoover as Cat Grant, and Christopher McDonald as Ron Troupe. While it's unclear how involved these characters will be, it's a welcome change from the DCEU, where the Daily Planet didn't have much of an impact on Superman's life. Based on recent set photos, Gunn can improve the Daily Planet and potentially make it the best part of the upcoming DC film.

The Daily Planet team might be the best thing about Superman

The DCU’s debut film has been in production for several months, and it’s no surprise that many Superman Set photos have surfaced during filming. Many photos show Superman running around the city in his costume and encountering characters such as Edi Gathegi's Mister Terrific. One series of photos shows the Daily Planet crew emerging from some sort of alien structure, though it could theoretically be the T-Sphere ship. The cast wear outfits similar to their comic book counterparts, with Bennett sporting Steve Lombard's mustache and Hoover sporting Cat Grant's iconic glasses and blonde hair.

It's great to see the film crew paying close attention to the look of these characters, but it's also fascinating to see the entire crew involved in an action sequence involving an intergalactic threat. The team at the Daily Planet doesn't usually do much outside of the office, and these photos suggest they could be involved in an action sequence involving an intergalactic threat. Superman more than the audience expects. It also shows that Gunn apparently wants the Daily Planet crew to be an integral part of this filmwhich gives Kal-El more chances to balance his life as Clark Kent and Superman.

James Gunn excels at highlighting smaller comic characters in team settings

Another reason why The Daily Planet is so promising is that Gunn is a master at letting smaller comic characters shine in team constellations. The regular audience didn't know who the Protector of the Galaxy were before the 2014 film. Gunn has not only made these characters household names, but has also made audiences fall in love with them as a group. They are all great individually, but They really shine when they work together and show off their hilarious, lovable dynamicThe same applies to 2021. The suicide squadalbeit in a more mature, darker tone.

Gunn can do this again with the team at The Daily Planet, taking characters who normally only play a small role in Superman's story and making them more memorable by giving them a larger role. The cast itself is excellent, with actors known for their comedic and dramatic talent, such as Bennett, Gisondo, Pierce and Brosnahan. The Daily Planet could play a small role in Supermanbut it's exciting to see that Gunn isn't taking this part of Superman's life lightly.