Shark attacks 4 beachgoers on South Padre Island in Texas. Watch video


Four people were injured in a suspected shark attack on South Padre Island in Texas during the Fourth of July celebrations.

Here’s what we know about the attacks:

Shark attacks on South Padre Island

According to a press release from Texas Parks and Wildlife, two animals were bitten in the attack, and two others were struck by the shark but not seriously injured. Dowdy said authorities suspect a single shark was behind all four incidents, which occurred over two hours.

Texas Game Warden Captain Chris Dowdy told media that the attack was reported near the Wanna Wanna Beach Bar and Grill.

Officials said one of the two people bitten was taken to Valley Regional Medical Center in Brownsville, while the other was flown in for further treatment. The U.S. Coast Guard deployed drones, boats and helicopters to monitor the area and ensure the waters remained safe from further attacks.

Where is the shark now?

Dowdy said the shark escaped into open water and there are currently no plans to contain it.

Officials point out that large schools of baitfish near shore often indicate the presence of a predator. Beachgoers are urged to calmly exit the water if they spot a shark and wait for it to pass.

Do sharks often attack humans?

According to the University of Florida's International Shark Attack File, shark attacks are rare.

The risk of dying from a fatal shark attack in one's lifetime is one in more than four million, ISAF said. And according to ISAF, there were a total of 36 shark-related incidents in the United States in 2023.

Which counties in Texas have the most shark attacks?

The attacks are often due to people spending more time in the water and not to more aggressive sharks, ISAF said.

According to data collected since 1911, shark attacks have been reported in the following counties:

  • Pittsburgh: 19
  • Numbers: 12
  • Cameron: 7
  • Brazoria: 3
  • Matagorda: 2
  • Adhesive: 1
  • Calhoun: 1