Are your golf shoes causing you to miss shots? Pay attention, says a top instructor

According to golf instructor Stefanie Shaw, golf shoes can be a hidden cause of swing problems for some players. Here's how to spot it.

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When it comes to diagnosing swing problems, your golf shoes are probably the last thing you think of. But according to golf instructor Stefanie Shaw, a professional golf instructor at Ocean Reef Golf Club in Key Largo, Florida, golf shoes can be a hidden source of problems for some players.

The reason? The heel height.

“In recent years, I've noticed that some shoes have rather high heels that taper towards the toe,” Shaw said. “And I notice with many students that too much weight is shifted forward when swinging.”

Ideally, your weight should be centered on your feet throughout the swing. If your weight is shifted too far forward, you risk restricting your hip rotation, which will affect your distance and leave you vulnerable to poor contact.

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Shaw recommends looking for a shoe with an even sole thickness from heel to toe.

“When I'm picking out a golf shoe, I'd rather choose something that's a little more uniform overall rather than having a big back and then further down to the toe,” she said.

Running-style shoes with extra padding in the heels can be a culprit here, Shaw says, so if you're having trouble distributing your weight during the swing, make sure your shoe isn't the problem.

When choosing a golf shoe, make sure it offers the necessary stability and that your feet have a feeling of medium balance when you stand up.

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