Missing Michigan teenager found in Miami livestream

One of the biggest miracles on social media just happened when a missing 17-year-old from Michigan appeared on a live stream in Miami, Florida.

Troy Coleman, a teenager from Mt. Morris Township, went missing on May 21 in Flint, Michigan. To make matters worse, Coleman suffers from schizophrenia, which could put him in even more danger without medication. The missing person case supposedly became a death investigation after he was missing for several months with no leads to his whereabouts. Then, as if by magic, many strange moments came together thanks to social media.

Clix and Lacy, who have millions of followers across multiple platforms, were doing a live stream on Twitch when a young man approached them. They thought the guy was on drugs. They later found out that the young man was a missing Michigan teenager who was presumed dead after receiving this message:

Hi, my name is Trent Coleman and my missing little brother from Michigan was on Clix and Lacy's stream in Miami. He was wearing green shorts and they were making fun of him. He doesn't do drugs, he's schizophrenic and he's 17 years old. If anyone could contact me about this I would be very grateful.

Just a few hours later, Flint police contacted Miami police and were able to locate Troy Coleman.

The odds of this missing teenager ending up in Miami, getting caught on a livestream with millions of followers, and the missing person's brother just happening to be watching the livestream are crazy. We couldn't be happier for this family and look forward to their reunion.


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