Analysis of 12 teams after the 5-star SG Trey McKenney 2025

One of the very best players in the 2025 NCAA basketball recruiting class is Trey McKenney, a 6'4″ shooting guard from Flint, Michigan. He is widely considered a top-20 prospect and is listed as a 5-star player according to 247sportsComposite. McKenney has the natural build of a modern off-guard, is blessed with a versatile offensive game and can score from anywhere on the court.

Recruiting for McKenney was strong last year, with several teams making early calls on his services. Since he is a promising 5-star prospect, other notable schools have also entered the competition. There are now a number of schools that will officially receive visits from McKenney in the coming months.

Between those who have received official and unofficial visits, there are now 14 programs that have been linked to McKenney. Do any of them stand out on paper? Here's a closer look at how he would fit into each of the “possible” options.

One of the best shooting guards in all of NCAA basketball over the past two years was Trey Alexander, who averaged 15.6 points per game as an All-Big East selection. He's gone now, replaced by Pop Isaacs, who transferred from Texas Tech. Even if he only stays for two years, McKenney could easily play third guard in a future Creighton lineup thanks to his size and could thrive very well in coach Greg McDermott's system.

The Hoyas' rebuilding efforts will continue under coach Ed Cooley, who is looking to land the first big fish either through the portal or the high school route. The reason for this would be that all eyes would be on McKenney, who would have a chance to be the focal point of the offense on day one. The concern would be that his chances of winning wouldn't be as high compared to other options.