Chemical pipe bomb explodes in front of a police officer's face during a traffic stop in Florida

Florida. – Bodycam video shows the moment a chemical pipe bomb exploded on a Putnam County police officer during a traffic stop, News 6 affiliate WJXT-TV reported.

In April, 60-year-old Charles Legault was stopped by a Putnam County Sheriff's Office officer.

In the recently released video, the officer first smelled marijuana and then asked Legault if he could search the truck.

Seconds later, the officer found what he believed to be drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Legault is then asked to get out of the truck. He is searched and told to stand at the front of his truck while the officer searches the rest of the vehicle.

The officer found a handgun on the seat and more drugs. Approximately 8 minutes and 45 seconds into the video, the officer continued to search for drugs when the chemical pipe bomb exploded in his face.

The officer struggled to breathe but managed to call for backup and handcuff Legault.

The officer's uniform is covered with a white chemical powder as he takes off his protective vest.

The powder was presumably chlorine. The MP was taken to a hospital and treated for respiratory injuries.

Tom Hackney, crime and safety analyst for WJXT, said the officer's injuries could have been much worse.

“If that had been filled up more or bigger or got in his eyes, you could be talking about blindness and permanent damage that could happen to him and permanent lung damage depending on how close he is. You could see him struggling to breathe and that just shows how dangerous these traffic stops can be,” Hackney said. “I think everything was in favor of this deputy that it turned out so successfully. He wasn't hurt any worse than he was.”

The bomb disposal service was called to the scene to clear the area of ​​further explosives.

The next day, officers searched Lagault's house. They found no more bombs, but they did find more illegal drugs.

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