Carnival Gaming and Letsgrowesports engage in a war of words over leaks and controversy

In the last few days, we have witnessed a phase of controversy where we saw Neyoo performing some inauthentic actions in a live stream. This has negatively affected his reputation and many big names in the Indian gaming community have also criticized it.

However, Carnival Gaming posted a story yesterday with Neyoo's picture saying “Thank you Neyoo”. It seemed to be a farewell post but the organization did not mention anywhere that Neyoo is leaving or saying goodbye. The same question is raised by Letsgrowesports on Instagram but we are still waiting for a statement from Carnival Gaming. Even they should have uploaded a post not a story if this farewell message is genuine.

After all this, Letsgrowesports leaked a news that Hector, a well-known esports player, is joining Global Esports. We don't know if it is a real leak or not. However, Hector responded to it on Instagram and said that this is a hoax and also mentioned:

“Social media sites that spread false information can cause significant harm, from spreading misinformation to creating unnecessary panic or confusion. Users must verify information from reliable sources and platforms must take stronger measures to curb the spread of false content.”

Afterwards, Letsgrowesports uploaded a tweet on X saying:
“Just be clear: if the folks at Carnival Gaming can address a leak (regardless of whether it's right or wrong), why don't they address the Neyoo issue publicly?”

Letsgrowesports also mentioned that they received a warning from Carnival Gaming for legal action regarding this fake leak.

Letsgrowesports responded in its own tweet: “If someone can take legal action against sharing a leak, why can't they take action against their own content creator who insulted a girl a few days ago?”
After that, we have not received a response from Carnival and are still waiting for a statement from them. This is the first time we have seen a controversy between an esports organization and an esports news organization.
We hope for a positive mood in the Indian gaming community.