StrackaLine improves golf course and green guides with high-resolution aerial images

StrackaLine, the leader in golf course mapping technology, is pleased to announce the integration of high-resolution aerial imagery into its highly regarded golf course books. This new feature complements the classic drawings that have made StrackaLine a staple in the golf community.

Both are available immediately.

“At StrackaLine, we are constantly striving to help golfers play better golf,” said Jim Stracka, inventor of the green reading maps. “The addition of aerial imagery is a significant step forward in providing our customers with the most comprehensive and immersive golf guides on the market.”

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With the introduction of high-resolution aerial imagery, StrackaLine's guides now offer stunning, detailed aerial photography of golf courses. This feature allows players and enthusiasts to appreciate the beauty and intricacies of the terrain and enhances strategic planning for golfers by providing a vivid, accurate representation of each course's terrain.

Benefits for the user
The combination of aerial photography and traditional drawings in StrackaLine's guides means golfers can enjoy the best of both worlds: visually appealing photos for a realistic view and detailed artistic representations for tactical insight into the game. This integrated approach allows golfers to better understand and navigate their favorite courses, potentially improving their playing strategies and increasing enjoyment.

The updated StrackaLine books, featuring high-resolution aerial imagery, are now available for purchase directly from the StrackaLine website. The guides are offered in digital and physical formats to suit the diverse preferences of golfers everywhere. As an added bonus, members save 20% on all StrackaLine guides.

Each course is reviewed for changes at least once a year. StrackaLine's quality assurance process reviews over 3,000 courses each month to ensure our books are up to date for your use.

Since 2007, over 1.3 million StrackaLine books have been purchased. StrackaLine has revolutionized the yardage and green guide business with nearly 700 college teams subscribing to its books and technology. The company has been used by NCAA D1 National Champion teams (men and women) for the past decade. Last year alone, their event software was used for hole placements on over 100,000 tournament days, including by PGA Sections, AGAs, Junior Tours, NCAA Admins and numerous facilities. Additionally, StrackaLine licenses data to various app, device and media companies through its Golf Intelligence brand, reaching over 10 million golfers annually.