The release date of GTA 6 coincides with the sequel to the movie that we have been waiting for for years

What a combination!

First came the news that GTA VI would land on consoles in 2025. Great news for everyone. Secondly, it was announced that a movie we've all been waiting for for so long will also be released this year. Could we see a Barbenheimer-level combination again?

GTA VI will be here in 2025 and it feels so far away. Does anyone have a time machine?

Imagine the following scenario: You wake up on the day of the launch of GTA VI and spend eight hours driving through the streets of Vice City and getting into all sorts of trouble. You take a little snack break because you're meeting friends at the movies.

Just a few more hours, with the nervous tension rising in your stomach because you just know that the movie you have tickets to is going to be awesome.

With a slight sigh, you put down your controller, grab your jacket and head to the cinema. Your friends are waiting for you outside, nervously checking their watches because you're late. You all hurriedly grab the biggest portion of popcorn and rush to your screen.

The trailers have just finished, you're there in time. You're all sitting in line, grinning like crazy as the Dreamworks logo flashes on the screen.

A familiar swamp comes into view and you see an outhouse that shakes slightly and from which farting noises can be heard.

Suddenly the door of the toilet slams open, the music “Someone once told me…” starts playing and there he is. It's Shrek. Next to him is Donkey.

Shrek5 is here. We have waited for years.

You look at your friends and realize that everyone is crying and stuffing popcorn into their mouths to hide their overwhelming happiness. It was the perfect day. GTA VI and now this: Shrek is back.

We can only hope, right? With both coming to us in the same year, now the studios just need to work together to give us the perfect day. “Grand Shrek Auto Day.”

Photo credit: Rockstar Games

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