Rinku Singh was absent from the victory parade, do you know why

The T20 World Champions were given a grand reception on their return home. Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the team and a victory parade was held in Mumbai. Amidst all this, everyone's attention was on Rinku Singh, who neither met the Prime Minister nor attended the parade ceremony in Mumbai.

Let us find out why Rinku Singh skipped all the celebrations:

India will play a 5-match T20 series against Zimbabwe starting from July 6. The first match will be played in Harare. The team for the series was announced earlier and Rinku Singh was part of it. He was sent to Zimbabwe to ensure that he gets to play in the first match.

When the Indian national team beat South Africa in the final of the T20 World Cup, Rinku Singh was one of the first to storm the field and danced joyfully with his teammates. However, he did not return to India with the team. Instead, he travelled to Harare for the T20 series. As a result, he missed the meeting with Prime Minister Modi and was not present at the victory parade.

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Rinku Singh was a reserve player in the T20 World Cup team but as no changes were made he was not used. He is now in the series against Zimbabwe where he is expected to have a big impact.