Balkan music icon Goran Bregovic tours Turkey with 4 concerts

The well-known Balkan musician Goran Bregovic will perform in four different cities in Turkey as part of his tour.

Bregovic will perform with his band, the Wedding and Funeral Band, at the Oran Open Air Theater in Ankara on July 7, the Çeşme Open Air Theater on July 8, the Konyaaltı Open Air Theater in Antalya on July 9 and the Istanbul Maximum Uniq on July 12.

Bregovic has a large fan base in Turkey and last performed there on March 5 at the Golden Horn Festival in Istanbul.

Bregovic was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1950. His career spanned from rock star to internationally recognized composer.

His early years were marked by a dual passion for classical music and the burgeoning rock scene. He gave up his classical violin training to co-found Bijelo Dugme (White Button) in 1974. The band became a phenomenon in Yugoslavia and was known for its electrifying rock sound with Balkan influences.

Outside of rock music, Bregovic's talent also blossomed in film music. His most fruitful collaboration was with director Emir Kusturica. Together they created legendary soundtracks for films such as “Time of the Gypsies” and “Underground”, which brought international recognition to Bregovic's unique blend of Balkan rhythms, traditional music and contemporary sounds.

Today, Bregovic remains a prominent figure in the music world. Whether performing with his Wedding and Funeral Orchestra or composing new works, he is a true ambassador of Balkan music, presenting the region's cultural heritage on the world stage.