NewJeans investigate extraterrestrial activities in the second part of the music video “Supernatural”

K-pop girl group NewJeans has released the second part of their music video “Supernatural”.

Last month, NewJeans made their official debut in Japan with their single album “Supernatural.” The group has now released a second music video for the title track, this time featuring a Korean-language version of the single.

The new video continues the concept of the TV series' original music video, this time with the members investigating the strange weather phenomena from the first clip. The story culminates with the girl group discovering a colony of rabbit-like aliens on a neighboring planet.

I don't know what we did / I don't wanna go back / I already know / I don't know what we've been sold / I'm going to find out, so it's safe“, they sing in the chorus.

Last weekend, NewJeans held their two-day fan concert “Bunnies Camp” at Tokyo Dome, becoming the fastest K-pop group to perform at the iconic venue after their debut. The concert took place less than a week after the release of “Supernatural.”

The show included special performances by Japanese pop duo YOASOBI and Japanese-English singer Rina Sawayama, who also teamed up with NewJeans member Hyein to perform her 2020 song “Bad Friend” at the concert.

NewJeans' Japanese debut came just one month after their domestic comeback with their single album “How Sweet.” The project included the lead singles “How Sweet” and “Bubblegum,” as well as their instrumental versions.

In a three-star review from “How Sweet” NMETássia Assis of The Album wrote that the two new songs were an “adequate complement to all of her previous releases”, but lacked “the snappy impact” of her earlier singles.

In other K-pop news, (G)I-DLE have released a music video teaser for “Klaxon,” the first single from their upcoming mini-album “I Sway.” It will be their second release of 2024, coming six months after their second studio album.[2]' in January.