Superwoman Shauna Coxsey boulders Superman (8B) | Video

Shauna Coxsey repeats the Jerry Moffatt Boulder Superman in the Peak District. The famous 8B test piece is just one of many difficult boulders that the strong Brit has already managed to tick off this year.

The cadence at which Shauna Coxsay tackles one hard boulder after another is more than impressive. After Fotofobia Sit (8B+) and Wild Wild West (8B) in La Pedriza, The Boss (8B+) in the Peak District and Hazel Grace (8B+) on the Gotthard Pass, she recently hit home ground. In the Peak District she repeated the Jerry Moffatt testpiece Superman (8B).

Superman is a Peak classic that I was almost certain I would never do. A real test of finger strength. I'm proud.

Shauna Coxsey

First 8A+ boulder in the world

Superman was first climbed in 1989 by climbing legend Jerry Moffatt and became famous as the first boulder with a grade of 8A+. Later, a hold break caused it to be upgraded to a grade of 8B.

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Credits: Cover photo @theclimbingphysio