Best New Music Friday with Pretty Bleak and Killer Mike's HUMBLE ME” a reaction to this fateful day at the GRAMMY's

Gothic rock and post-punk duo Mankind, known for their distinctive visual style featuring black clothing and painted faces, have released their latest single “Home.” The track features melodic basslines and hypnotic drumbeats and addresses the deep human search for identity and belonging.

“Home” is a heartfelt ode to the universal search for comfort, whether in a place, a person or a destination. Dan Cooper, on bass and vocals, explains: “With 'Home' we wanted to capture the pure feeling of finding where we truly belong and embracing our human nature.”

Mankind will also be hitting the road with a nine-date Tasmania tour, promising intense and immersive live shows. More information here.

Pretty gloomy – she will calm down again

Following a stellar performance at BIGSOUND 2023, Gippsland emo-pop band PRETTY BLEAK are back with their new single 'she'll come around'. A taster of their upcoming EP, this track features stadium-ready pop instrumentation and infectious vocals from lead singer Sam Thomas.

“'She'll Come Around' captures the intense infatuation that often leads to an inevitable downfall,” says Sam. “It's about that delusional high you get when you discover something new and immerse yourself in it.”

Produced by the band and mixed by Jarred Nettle (Teenage Joans, Cry Club) with mastering by Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone (Taylor Swift, Tame Impala), the single shows PRETTY BLEAK's commitment to high standards.

With their latest compilation album in retrospect “She'll Come Around” sets the stage and ushers in an exciting new chapter for the band.