New Music Releases Today – July 5, 2023

Imagine me sitting on a beach somewhere in New Jersey (hold back your gasp of horror), surrounded by friends and a Bose Soundlink Max speaker blaring my favorite songs. I'm always on aux, dear reader, as I'm sure you can imagine. My Spotify playlists are in high demand among a certain group of people (my friends).

And yes, it's also worth noting that it's a holiday weekend. For those of us in the good ol' United States of America, it's the Fourth of July during a very scary election year. So to avoid thinking about the current state of our country, we need to listen to music. And lots of it. Doctor's orders.

And here's the good news: There are a whole bunch of new songs released every week. Especially in the summer, because that's when artists know you want to stream. And while I patiently wait for Harry Styles to release new music (it's been two years, H), I have this weekly segment where I round up the best new music.

I scour press releases, Spotify-curated playlists, and the charts to find the next big songs that will get you and your friends dancing.

If new music seems to be just the thing for you right now, then give it a listen!

Lana Del Rey x Quavo – “Tough”

Welcome back, rapper Lana Del Rey. After being spotted with Quavo in Atlanta and performing the song at their sold-out show at Fenway Park, the friendly duo is here with “Tough.” The song is highly anticipated for good reason—it combines Lana's earthy, crooning voice with Quavo's ability to write a hit rap song.

It's hard to go wrong with two seasoned veterans… and Lana Del Rey is the ultimate risk-taker when it comes to music. Expect a sonic shift, but the same voices you know and love. It's both country and rap combined in one song that makes total sense.

Good Neighbours – “Daisies”

Good Neighbors deserves all the hype they've gotten so far. “Daisies” is the perfect dose of summer in a song… and how perfect, because it's about falling in love with yourself again. It feels exactly like that – the synths, the vocals, the instrumental breaks envelop your senses and send you out into the sun and a field somewhere.

Following the mega hit “Home” and the follow-up single “Keep It Up”, “Daisies” proves that Good Neighbors is on the right track. This new era of indie pop is exactly what we need right now.

Eminem, BabyTron, Big Sean – “Tobey”

Shady is officially back – with a new album The Death of Slim Shady (Coupe De Grace) He's about to release “Tobey” with Big Sean and BabyTron. It's full of energy and, even though industry heavyweights like Eminem have been around for over a decade, “Tobey” feels fresh.

And of course, Eminem is waiting to come in at the very end and finish the song with one fiery verse after another. It's a fun taste of what's next in the final era of Slim Shady.

Louis the Child, Laszewo, Pluko – “Slowly”

Louis The Child is a name synonymous with summer hits. Just in time for those days spent lounging on the beach and hanging out with your friends, this song begs for the relationship to slow down. It's all about taking things slow, and the collaborators' sound comes across perfectly.

“It flowed like water” Says Louis the child. “It's a song about wanting to jump right into a relationship, feeling the right emotions and not holding back or taking things slow.”

Felix Jaehn, Sophie Ellis-Bextor – “Ready For Your Love”

Two icons: Felix Jaehn and Sophie Ellis-Bextor (yes, from Murder On The Dancefloor) are here with “Ready For Your Love.” It's gorgeous – an ethereal beat mixed with Ellis-Bextor's lilting vocals floating over the house track. It makes you want to dance, it's perfect for the electronic house renaissance we're seeing this summer.

I can see this being played in New York clubs for the foreseeable future… and it will be well deserved. “Ready For Your Love” is an instant clue.

KATSEYE – “Debut”

Before their debut EP SIS (Soft is strong), KATSEYE is here with “Debut” – a symphony of powerful vocals from this brand new girl group. KATSEYE has already proven that they have what it takes to be the next big star in the industry, and “Debut” underlines that they are taking fame in their stride.

Their vocal variety makes “Debut” an exciting listen – it starts strong and builds as the song progresses. It's definitely not the last we'll hear from this group, but it's a promising start nonetheless.

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