SVU' led to her passion in real life

During her time on Law & Order: Special Unit for VictimsStephanie March’s Assistant District Attorney Alexandra “Alex” Cabot became a fan favorite character.

The ADA starred in the long-running series from seasons two through five, as well as season eleven. (She returned in a recurring role in seasons six, ten, 13, and 19.) In the season eleven finale, “Witness,” she tries a case that convinces her to leave her job in New York City to help women and girls being sexually exploited in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“I remember it very clearly and it somehow stuck in my mind at the time,” she said People“So I have to believe that everything happens to some extent for a reason. That's one of the reasons why I was so interested in the Panzi Foundation.”

The organization's website says March serves on the board of directors, which helps survivors of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo get the healing, justice, community and future they deserve.

“I felt that my true passion was to advocate for the women and girls who have survived sexual violence and to make sure that sexual violence takes away our bodily autonomy and often our legal rights and our right to work,” she explained.

The Origin The actress also recalled when she first got the job of Cabot in the hit series in 2000, joking that it was “some kind of device for predicting the future or traveling through time” – SVU the oracle!”

“I'm not sure if that was what I was planning to do when I got the job, but once I got the job I approached it quite deliberately because I found the subject matter disturbing and compelling,” she said. “It just wasn't something I could put down when I got home from work at night.”

While March's Cabot is no longer in the show, SVU became the longest-running live-action series in television history earlier this year with its 25th season premiering in January.