13-year-old guitarist surprises with Big Bay Boom national anthem from California Tower

SAN DIEGO (FOX 5) — At just 13 years old, Jake Anderson is preparing to capture the true essence of the American spirit. Not with words, but with the electrifying tones of his guitar.

This isn't just any performance; it's the national anthem before the Big Bay Boom, the largest fireworks display on the West Coast.

Jake's story is one of lineage and legacy. As the son of immigrants, grandson of a Vietnam veteran, and great-grandson of World War II heroes, Jake's roots run deep in American history. That legacy doesn't just inspire him – it defines him.

Above: Meet Jake Anderson, Big Bay Boom's national anthem singer

“When I play, I think about everyone who has served my country, like my great-grandfathers. I think about how special they are and how grateful I am to them,” Jake says.

Jake combines the typical life of a 13-year-old with his extraordinary musical abilities. He spends his days playing video games, hanging out with friends and playing soccer. But when he picks up his electric guitar, he transforms into a child prodigy who carries the spirit of rock legends like Van Halen. Whether he's composing his own compositions or getting lost in classic riffs, Jake's passion for music knows no bounds.

When he's not making music, Jake can often be found at Mount Soledad National Monument, paying tribute to the thousands of people he remembered there, including his own great-grandfathers.

“I think they would be proud,” he says, expressing a deep sense of duty and pride.

Jake's commitment goes beyond music. He is a straight-A student and applies the same rigorous work ethic to his studies and sports. His potential?

“No limits!” says his teacher, the legendary blues guitarist Charles Burton.

Jake's love of music began before he could even speak.

“When he was still in diapers – he couldn't even talk – he stole my guitar. He always saw me with it, so he took my guitar,” recalls his brother Wil. Now the boy who once staggered around with a guitar is about to step onto the biggest stage in California.

Jake says he's excited to honor his country, his family and the legacy of those who came before him. At just 13 years old, Jake Anderson is ready to strike a legendary chord and show that the true power of the American spirit can indeed be captured in the heart of its youth. As his electric guitar begins to howl and the sky lights up with fireworks, Jake's performance will resonate as a timeless tribute to the past, a celebration of the present and a promise for the future.