Fans of Britain's Got Talent already know who this year's winner will be

Britain's Got Talent fans are already betting on this year's winner after being wowed by a stellar performance on the opening weekend. The talent show made a great comeback with some truly captivating performances, but one contestant seemed to win the hearts of the audience and judges alike.

Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and presenters Ant and Dec were quick to press their Golden Buzzers, with Amanda's choice, singer Sydnie Christmas, making a significant impression.

Sydnie Christmas took to the stage with her stunning singing talent and charmed everyone with her vibrant personality, although Simon Cowell seemed less than convinced by her song choice of “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie, especially since Sydnie dreams of playing the lead role in the West End.

Sydney Christmas

Sydnie surprised the jury with her interpretation of Tomorrow from the hit musical Annie – Source: ITV

Amanda Holden could hardly contain her excitement and exclaimed, “Sydnie, I think what impressed me so much about you was how naturally funny, how brilliant and warm your presence was when you walked on stage. How you entertained everyone, but then you brought us the most soulful, beautiful version of that song, and that was the best version I've ever heard in my life.”

Alesha Dixon echoed this sentiment, praising Sydnie's performance: “You've got a lot of character and personality, you've got it all. Say no more girl! You rocked it, let's go!” Viewers at home were equally enthusiastic, with many saying Sydnie could be a strong contender for this year's BGT title, reports the Mirror.

The Golden Buzzer was pressed for SydnieThe Golden Buzzer was pressed for Sydnie

The Golden Buzzer was pressed for Sydnie – Source: ITV

One fan gushed on Twitter: “There's the winner,” while another was equally impressed, commenting: “She has to win!” A third viewer shared their emotional reaction: “She brought me to tears. I haven't cried at a BGT performance in a long time. I thought she was going to be a comedian when she performed but I was completely blindsided. You deserve it girl, you're going VERY far.”

The competition is stiff this season, and Ravi's Dream Team revealed the moving story behind their audition and what they plan to do with the £250,000 prize money if they win.

The jury kicked Bobby Goldfinn out of the show three timesThe jury kicked Bobby Goldfinn out of the show three times

Britain's Got Talent returned on Saturday 20 April – Image credit: David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock

Judge Alesha Dixon couldn't hold back her tears and pressed the Golden Buzzer in Sunday night's episode for the choir led by brave eight-year-old Ravi, who is battling a brain tumor.

Ravi's Dream Team, made up of people aged between five and 78, wowed everyone when 45-year-old Alesha sent them straight through to the semi-finals after her rousing performance. Before they sang 'A Million Dreams' from the popular 2017 film 'The Greatest Showman', Ravi took to the stage with his sister, mum and dad.

During the show, Ravi explained why he decided to audition: “I've watched BGT all my life and I've always wanted to audition for it. I was diagnosed with a brain tumour two years ago and I'm here to show that you can achieve your dreams no matter what life throws at you.”