Megan Fox: Too thin for Hollywood?

When the rumor arose that Megan Fox had left the Transformers franchise that made her a pin-up star, the 24-year-old actress was quick to respond. Her representatives immediately issued a statement saying, “It was her decision not to return.”

But according to, when Fox was on the set of Transformers 3her “unhealthy” appearance prompted director Michael Bay to give the actress an ultimatum to gain weight. When she returned, still slim, tensions between them caused her to leave the film.

“Mike doesn't like thin actresses,” Fox said last June. “So I'm always fatter than ever when I see a Transformers Movie.”

New photos of Fox frolicking with boyfriend Brian Austin Green on a beach in Maui show that the actress has a noticeably slimmer figure.

“She had a contract for a third film, so they could have forced her if they really wanted her back,” an insider tells WHO. “Basically, she decided to leave and they let her go.”

There may be other reasons that prevent her from gaining weight. The actress, who has stated that she suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, also claimed in Allure magazine: “I would rather starve than cook for myself.”

“I think I could survive a week without food,” she said.

And she has other health issues that affect her food intake. “I found out I'm anemic,” the actress said. “I have to eat twice as much protein. That's really the only restriction I have in my diet.”

As for the workout routine that gives Fox her enviable figure: “I do Pilates and acro yoga, which is a combination of acrobatics and yoga. It's tough!” she says.

To see photos of Megan in a bikini in Maui, check out this week's WHO magazine, on sale Friday, June 4.

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