Should you paint your ceiling a different color than the walls? Experts explain why everyone should consider it

Why do we often forget about the fifth wall of the room, also called the ceiling, when decorating our homes? We either ignore it or play it safe by leaving it white or painting it the same color as the walls to make it more colorful. But should you be bold and paint your ceiling a different color?

In fact, painting the ceiling a different shade than the walls is quickly becoming a prominent color trend. Even Laura Jackson, queen of hosting and interior design, recently took to Instagram to reflect on painting her ceilings in response to her company Glassette's Instagram post discussing just that.

So if you're looking for some fresh paint ideas to update your home and, like Laura and us, are currently thinking about painting your ceiling, here's what our interiors experts have to say, and to start with, let's tell you how to take the plunge.

A bathroom with a contrasting blue ceiling

A bathroom with a contrasting blue ceiling

Should you paint your ceiling?

“We say go for it! Depending on the atmosphere you want to create, painting the ceiling a different color to the walls can work for any room,” says Amy Holton, creative director at Lucie Annabel, enthusiastically.

It goes without saying that the experts are totally in favor of it and believe it is a great idea for a bedroom or living room ceiling.

“The ceiling is a missed opportunity for creativity in many rooms,” says Tim Dixon, Managing Director of Beautiful Walls. “The ceiling is a blank canvas and the perfect space to create something unique and eye-catching.”

Green painted ceiling in a bedroomGreen painted ceiling in a bedroom

Green painted ceiling in a bedroom

Chelsea Clark, brand director at I Love Wallpaper, agrees: “It can transform an often overlooked surface, enhance the overall design of a room and create a unique focal point. Unlike walls, which often need to complement furniture and accessories, the ceiling doesn't necessarily have to match and can act as an accent or statement in its own right.”

This means you can go all out with your choice of color. And recently, some, including StrictlyThe star of , Layton Williams, even starts wallpapering the ceilings.

However, there are a few things to consider when choosing your color and its effect on the overall look and atmosphere of the room.

A bedroom with a contrasting blue painted ceilingA bedroom with a contrasting blue painted ceiling

A bedroom with a contrasting blue painted ceiling

How to choose the right color for your ceiling

It's actually quite simple: lighter colors create the illusion of openness and space, while darker colors make a room appear smaller and cozier.

“Avoid darker ceiling tones in smaller and darker rooms as this can make the room appear smaller and can sometimes make the rooms feel oppressive,” warns Michael Rolland, colour expert and managing director of The Paint Shed.

Amy continues, “A lighter ceiling gives the impression that the room is higher and creates a more spacious feel. A darker ceiling, on the other hand, closes the room in a little and makes it feel cozier. A contrasting ceiling not only changes the proportions of the room, but also draws the eye upward, highlights architectural features and makes the room feel more dynamic and engaging.”

Chaise longue “Iggy”Chaise longue “Iggy”

Chaise longue “Iggy”

So if you need someone to cheer you on to pick up the brush and paint your ceiling, we're your cheerleader. We're guaranteed to add depth, visual intrigue and more personality to your space – what's not to love?