A Sydney rugby league player has covered up his homophobic F-word tattoo

The young rugby league player from Sydney who had a homophobic slur tattooed on his leg has had it permanently covered up.

Content warning: This story contains homophobic slurs.

Cronulla Junior Rugby League Player Joshua Taylor-Myles sparked controversy last month after the league published a picture of him playing in the Luke Lewis Cup.

Followers quickly noticed that the player had tattoos on both thighs that read “Eat Sh*tf*gg*t” and “Snort Lines and F*ck.”

The league immediately removed the image from its social media accounts.

Taylor-Myles was immediately instructed to cover the tattoos with tape during the game, otherwise she would be banned from playing in a NSW Rugby League-approved competition.

He has now permanently removed the tattoos and posted a picture on social media showing how he had the tattoos covered up in Bali.

The 23-year-old posted a series of photos showing the tattoo design, which appears to depict a roaring bear and a Viking.

Finally, he posted a picture showing the hidden leg tattoos.

Image: Instagram

No Regrets by Joshua Taylor-Myles

However, Taylor-Myles doesn't seem to feel too much remorse about getting an insult tattooed – his caption for the new photos read: “Gone, but not forgotten”.

The young player has not made any public statement apologizing or expressing regret. the harm caused by having an anti-LGBTQI+ slur permanently tattooed on one's body, or by the league photographing and sharing the tattoos with a public audience.

Yesterday, he also posted a video of the tattoo before it was covered up, showing the offensive tattoo with blood running down his leg.

Comments on the video seemed generally positive. One follower said: 'Hey, Daily Mail, if you're reading this, fuck you! and another told Taylor-Myles “Danger zone 🔥”.

Daily Telegraph calls tattoos “disgusting”

Phil Rothfield of the Daily Telegraph commented on the tattoo and said they were “just disgusting”.

“You're so offensive. It's so homophobic. You didn't notice.” said Rothfield.

“They didn’t check the leg tattoos of all the players they selected for the rep sides but when a photo of the player was posted on social media they recognised it and sent it to the New South Wales Rugby League and well done Dave Trodden.

“He reacted immediately. He said we have zero tolerance for any form of bullying, harassment or defamation towards people of different sexualities and genders.

“They said to this guy, 'Put some duct tape on them or you'll never play in a New South Wales Rugby League sanctioned competition again.' I applaud them for coming down so hard on his nonsense.

“He plays in a club where many young men and women join for fun and camaraderie, and that's just completely wrong.”