Trailer and key visual for the film “Batman Ninja vs. Yakuza League” released

The already announced Batman Ninja vs Yakuza League Anime film revealed the key visual and teaser trailer at this year's Anime Expo. Kamikaze Douga animates the sequel to the 2018 Batman Ninja Movie.

Jumpei Mizusaki and Shinji Takagi direct, Kazuki Nakashima writes the screenplay. Takashi Okazaki is responsible for the character designs and Yugo Kanno composes the music.

The main staff commented on the upcoming film:

Jumpei Mizusaki:
I am the co-director of Batman Ninja vs. Yakuza League. I am currently putting everything together to make the film more exciting. The script is by Mr. Nakashima, the character design is by Mr. Okazaki, and the music is by Mr. Kanno. The preliminary version is already so exciting. I look forward to presenting the finished work to you. I am proud of the work and hope you will enjoy it!

Shinji Takagi:
I joined this project as a co-director after being invited by Mr. Mizusaki. “Batman Ninja” (2018). I see my role as bringing together Mr. Nakashima's loose but carefully structured script with Mr. Mizusaki's edgy direction. We are making a never-before-seen Batman anime film with Mr. Okazaki's incredibly cool designs, Kamikaze Douga's amazing CGI animation, Mr. Kanno's music, and legendary voice cast. I hope you will all watch and enjoy it.

Kazuki Nakashima:
I am responsible for the script. The first trailer contains only tiny fragments of Batman Ninja vs. Yakuza League and the full 90 minutes are filled with even more crazy scenes!! The content is so intense that it might make you dizzy, so enjoy that dizzying feeling. It's another crazy movie that you will like.

Takashi Okazaki:
I've been creating character designs for Batman Ninja vs. Yakuza League. It will take some time before we can reveal everything, but we'll do our best to bring you new images and designs as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

In addition to the trailer and key visual, the Batman Ninja vs Yakuza League also revealed a number of character images. The information was revealed during a panel at Warner Bros. Anime Expo 2024, which will be available on the Warner Bros. Japan Anime YouTube channel in late July. The film also gave new information about Batman Day, which takes place on September 21st.

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