The huge survival game Soulmask encounters problems after the anti-cheat update

Cheating in an online game can cause some pretty serious problems. When something is overrun by people who refuse to play by the rules, it can make the online experience completely miserable. That's why it's completely understandable for Soul Mask to introduce a new anti-cheat system in the latest update – however, there are a few teething issues that are currently causing problems for players.

Update 10 for Soulmask has brought a whole host of changes to the survival game, such as more advanced sticky explosive cans you can craft, new animations, and a few other bits and pieces. The most impactful part right now, however, concerns the anti-cheat system, which is designed to stop any deviant behavior that might spoil the fun for other players.

Most anti-cheat measures that cause problems tend to issue messages saying players are banned even though they have done nothing wrong. This can affect games of any size, even Elden Ring was affected by these messages after the release of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. With Soulmask, the problem is a little different, as the anti-cheat system simply won't install for some players. Since the tool is mandatory to access official servers, this means that these people simply can't play at this time.

A quick look at the game's Steam forums shows that many players are reporting that when attempting to log in, they receive an error message stating that they cannot proceed without the “GameSecurityService” application installed. The problem for these players is that there doesn't seem to be a way to trigger a download. The official patch notes simply state that players should “please allow the installation of GameSecurityService when entering the official server for the first time,” but according to community reports, this download and installation is not always triggered.

Currently, there is no reported workaround that definitively resolves the issue for players. Some are trying to manually reinstall the security service, others are reinstalling the entire game. For now, it seems like the only thing affected players can do is wait for an official workaround or update from Soulmask developer CampFire Studio.

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