Tom Cruise's rare family snapshot as a Hollywood star with all three children at a football game

Tom Cruise, father of three children from his previous marriages to Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, is known for his private family life.

His children Isabella, Connor and Suri are rarely seen with their famous father and lead a life away from the public eye. However, on the occasion of his 62nd birthday, a rare family photo has emerged.

The nostalgic image from 2008 was taken at a Major League Soccer game between the New York Red Bulls and LA Galaxy at the Home Depot Center, a sport that is very close to Tom's heart. In the picture, he can be seen holding his daughter Suri, whom he has with ex-wife Katie Holmes.

Suri, now grown up, was still a toddler at the time and didn't seem to be interested in the game. Tom's other children Isabella and Connor, whom he adopted with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman, watched the game with great interest.

Tom Cruise posed with his entire family in 2008(Image: Getty Images)

Despite not being around his children as much anymore – so much so that he missed Suri's 18th birthday in New York due to work commitments in London – Tom Cruise has openly expressed his firm determination to be a good father.

In a 2006 interview with Vanity Fair, he reiterated, “All my life, I've always wanted to be a father,” adding, “I've always told myself that my children can count on me and that I'll always be there for them and love them – that I'll never promise my children anything I can't keep.”

Connor and Isabella have adopted a more relaxed lifestyle, in contrast to their father Tom's Hollywood lifestyle. Connor is dedicated to his work as a DJ and chef, and has a particular interest in deep-sea fishing, while Isabella leads an extremely private life in London.

Since Tom divorced her mother Katie in 2012, Suri has had little contact with him. She grew up with her mother in New York and maintained a quiet but intimate relationship with him.

The duo can often be seen taking walks or shopping in Manhattan.

Just last weekend, Tom managed to spend some time with Connor in London. They attracted attention when they were spotted getting out of a helicopter in the city.

Despite the geographical distance, Tom and Connor share a close bond. Connor was all smiles as he stepped off the helicopter after his father's trip to Glastonbury for the Coldplay concert on Saturday night.