Live updates on the 2024 UK election: Polls point to Labour victory

The British elections went in the dogs' favor.

If you followed the news about the election in the UK, you might think that dogs were going to the polls. In fact, they were.

Seemingly every news site had a gallery of dogs outside polling stations, well-behaved dogs waiting patiently for their owners to do their civic duty while the news business fulfilled its own obligation to protect the sanctity of the election.

In the UK, there are restrictions on coverage on election days before polls close to avoid influencing voters. Unlike in the US, where there is comprehensive reporting and analysis, there is no such coverage in the UK.

They simply report that people are going to vote and provide photos and footage of the leading candidates entering the polling stations, but do not discuss their manifestos.

Hence the puppy love.

There was Alfie, a blonde, shaggy dog ​​in Chiswick, Arnie, a cockapoo with a rainbow bow tie in Liverpool and Tobie, the other dog in Norfolk. These dogs were featured on Sky News.

On the BBC there were Lucien, a Bernese Mountain Dog, lying outside the village hall in Antrobus in Cheshire, Pippin, a fox-red Labrador in the London borough of Edgware and Maui, a bobtail in Wokingham.

Journalists went a step further to show that there were not only dogs at the polls. They found at least two horses, a cat, a chicken and a giant snake named Neptune.