Biden tells governors he will not hold any events after 8 p.m.: live

Trump falsely claims Biden is dropping out of the White House race and mocks Harris

President Joe Biden urged a group of Democratic governors to work fewer hours and get more sleep, including limiting events after 8 p.m., two people at the meeting said. The New York Times.

Biden also told governors he was staying in the race. In the weeks leading up to his dismal June 27 debate performance, he described his recent trips abroad, during which he lost his train of thought, his voice was scratchy and he made several slip-ups.

Biden said several times on Wednesday that he had not listened to his staff about his schedule.

Hawaii Governor Josh Green, a doctor, asked Biden about his health, to which Biden said he was in good health.

“It’s just my brain,” he added.

Biden's campaign manager Jen O'Malley Dillon said Biden said, “All kidding aside.”

“He was obviously joking,” she said The times.

Meanwhile, a gleeful Trump posted a video on Truth Social in which he is seen falsely claiming that the ailing president has already given up on the race for the White House, calling him a “broken pile of shit” and deriding his vice president, Kamala Harris, as “pathetic.”


Full story: Biden warns of Trump's 'monarchy' on July 4, while ex-president watches the chaos with glee

For Donald Trump and his campaign, the aftermath of Biden's debate appearance appeared to be a welcome distraction, drawing media attention away from his own series of incomprehensible public statements, questions about his mental health and an unhinged agenda that, just days ago, called for “televised military tribunals” for a former congresswoman.

He is behaving relatively cautiously by his standards and seems content to let his Democratic rivals fight for their political future.

Now Biden hopes to use July 4 to turn the conversation around:

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Fan cams and coconut trees: Kamala Harris memes revive the KHive

The Internet fell out of the coconut tree.

The “KHive” — the stan culture online army of earnest supporters who stoked online anger and enthusiastic support for Harris as she launched her presidential bid in 2020 — was revived overnight. Now Americans are rapidly becoming awash in coconut pills, Kamala-maxxed, “existing in context” and “unburdened by what was.”

Alex WoodwardJuly 4, 2024 23:00


How the Supreme Court's immunity ruling opened the door to a shocking question: Can presidents kill their rivals?

Can a president order the assassination of a rival and get away with it?

It was an absurd hypothesis put forward by an appeals judge to point out the literally unbelievable and dangerous consequences of the legal arguments of Donald Trump's lawyers.

There has never been a precedent giving a president such powers, but according to legal scholars, lawyers and the Supreme Court's liberal justices, the decision appears to have opened the door to questions about whether the commander in chief can legally commit murder.

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Six other presidents did not run for another term. That happened

However, there are precedents for someone to forego a second term and resign. The most recent, and perhaps most famous, case was in 1968.

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VIDEO: US elections: White House says Biden's withdrawal is zero

US elections: White House says Biden’s withdrawal is zero

Gustaf KilanderJuly 4, 2024 21:30


Virginia school board member who admitted drinking in Capitol building is sentenced to prison for Jan. 6 riots

A Virginia school board member who boasted about drinking beer during the Jan. 6 Capitol riots has been sentenced to 12 days behind bars for storming the halls of Congress.

Miles Adkins, 39, pleaded guilty to two federal charges related to the riots and was sentenced to 12 days in jail – which he must serve exclusively on weekends – two years' probation and fines and restitution.

Despite his guilty plea, Adkins said NBC News4 that he refuses to give in to the demands of community members calling for his resignation from his position on the Frederick County Public Schools Board.

“They're going to need a bigger wrecking ball to get me out of there,” he told a reporter.

Graham GraziosiJuly 4, 2024 21:00


Video shows Trump being called a “broken pile of shit.” Biden “drops out” of the race for the White House

Donald Trump has called Joe Biden a “broken pile of dung” and Vice President Kamala Harris “pathetic,” claiming the controversial president has already given up the race for the White House.

“He just quit, you know – he's giving up the race… and that means we have Kamala. I think she'll be better,” Trump mutters sarcastically.

Trump falsely claims Biden is dropping out of the White House race and mocks Harris

Trump continues to attack Harris and mocks the prospect of her succeeding Biden.

“She is so pathetic, she is so damn evil. Can you imagine… with [Vladimir] “Putin, the President of China, is a wild personality, a wild man, a very tough guy…” he adds before driving away across the green area.

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Biden campaign uses July 4 to criticize Trump for turning the US “into a monarchy”

In an email, the Biden team told its supporters: “On July 4th, Donald Trump wants to make America a monarchy again.”

If Donald Trump dreams of taking revenge on his political opponents, if he has openly promoted himself as a dictator from day one, and if he encouraged and excused political violence on January 6, we must believe him.

This is especially true since the Supreme Court's recent ruling removes one of the last remaining checks that prevents it from doing just that.

Biden campaign

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Biden admits to Democratic governors he is tired and needs to work less: “It's just my brain”

President Joe Biden reportedly told a group of Democratic governors on Wednesday that he needs more sleep and wants to end his day by 8 p.m. He joked that while his health is good, “it's just my brain.”

The president also announced that he underwent a brief medical exam following last week's debate – shortly after the White House told reporters that Biden had not been to the doctor since then.

A group of 20 governors met with Biden at the White House on Wednesday evening after growing concerns about his mental fitness following his poor performance in his first debate appearance against Donald Trump, which the president blamed on both a cold and jet lag.

James Liddell, Alex WoodwardJuly 4, 2024 20:22


Impeachment, expansion, investigation: How Democrats in Congress are trying to keep the Supreme Court in check

Democrats in Congress have introduced several bills to restructure the Supreme Court, from ethics codes to attempts to block landmark decisions that will have profound effects on government and society. They are likely to fail.

Alex WoodwardJuly 4, 2024 20:00