All UFL head coaches are free agents

The first eight UFL franchises will be back in 2025. However, there is no guarantee that their coaches will be back.

Via Mike Mitchell of, all UFL head coaches have become free agents, via the Expiry of their one-year contracts on 30 June.

Even if they return, work will not begin until January 1, 2025. Essentially, they are seasonal workers, paid for part of the year but not for the rest, and they are not employed.

This makes their employment cheaper and also gives them the opportunity to leave the company if they wish.

The UFL is a sole proprietorship with no team owners. The league hires and fires new coaches. The UFL may not want to bring back all of the coaches. Some of them may want to go.

That's the reality. It's difficult to make the move to the NFL or college football in July unless an unexpected opportunity comes along. While the different schedules are beneficial for players looking to make the move, teams don't hire coaches until deep in the offseason.

Of course, there's nothing stopping a team from giving a spot to a coach who has caught their attention. But what would make a UFL coach resign? Some UFL coaches would be inclined to stay unless it's an offer for a coordinator job.

Regardless, Skip Holtz, Wade Phillips, Anthony Becht, Mike Nolan and others are available to any NFL team that wants to sign them. If they want to be signed.