“No rebuild!” College football analyst makes bold claim about Texas A&M Aggies

As the Texas A&M Aggies prepare for their first season under Mike Elko after ousting Jimbo Fisher from College Station, expectations for their performance remain unclear.

On one hand, the team could legitimately underperform. They spent six years with a coach who completely failed in his last two seasons with the team, and now face an arduous road to refocus and regain momentum. On the other hand, they could find momentum and excel in their first year with Elko.

If this does happen, the question is how sustainable this success could be. Elko and the Aggies could get lucky, but then be left watching from the sidelines. They could also use the early success to develop a successful product, but that remains to be seen.

However, one analyst believes that the former is noticeable.

“You're probably laughing at my expectations for Texas A&M because they're higher than most,” Greg McElroy said. “I look at their roster and the structure of how Mike Elko has been able to organize Duke over the last few years and cause problems for the competition. I don't think this is going to be a rebuild.”

“I think this is a situation where as soon as he walks in the door he's in a pretty good situation.”

Duke Blue Devils coach Mike Elko looks on before the first half of a game against Pittsburgh at Wallace Wade Stadium.

November 25, 2023; Durham, North Carolina, USA; Duke Blue Devils head coach Mike Elko looks on before the first half of their game against the Pittsburgh Panthers at Wallace Wade Stadium. / Jaylynn Nash-USA TODAY Sports

With Conner Weigman at the helm and a strong core of receivers behind them, the Aggies will have a strong offense next season. On defense, a new coordinator and many returning weapons give the Aggies a lot of potential if they can find a unified team right away.

That, combined with a larger pool of College Football Playoff teams, could mean Texas A&M can jump right into contention to prove itself. You and Elko.

“If you look at their schedule, it's a lot more manageable than you might think,” McElroy added. “An incredible season would be 10-2. Flirt with a playoff spot. I think this is an incredible year for Texas A&M and I think it's doable.”

Being immediately competitive under Elko is still a big “if.” But it's not impossible, especially given the resources the Aggies have and what the coach has been able to accomplish in his short time at Duke. It's just a question of whether they make the best use of those resources.

This could make all the difference.