How are the Resistol rookies doing this Cowboy Christmas?

Cowboy Christmas is one of the most exciting and busiest times of the year, especially for the new Resistol Rookie of the Year candidates. While the candidates for the 2024 Resistol Rookie of the Year will be making their first real Cowboy Christmas: We dive into the question of who will be the best fourth place finisher on the 4th of July.

No. 1: Korbin Rice, $25,848.85

Korbin Rice leads the race for the 2024 Resistol Rookie Header of the Year with $1,342.96. While his Cowboy Christmas is off to a slower start, he finished in the top five at the Reno Rodeo with Caleb Hendrix, the 2021 Resistol Rookie Heeler of the Year. Rice and Hendrix caught three steers in 16.8 seconds, collecting an average of $4,790 per man and a total of $5,628 between rounds and the total.

No. 2: Tyler Tryan, $24,505.89

Tyler Tryan is having an impressive first cowboy Christmas, starting off easily with a second-place finish at the Roughrider Days Rodeo in Dickinson, North Dakota, June 28-30 with a 4.1 for $2,961 per man. Tryan, who lassoes fellow Resistol Rookie of the Year contender Logan Moore, also leads the Livingston Roundup Rodeo in Livingston, Montana, with a 3.8. In 2023, Livingston paid $5,397 per man to win. Tryan is currently fifth at the Home Of Champions Rodeo in Red Lodge, Montana, with a 4.4. Last year, there was a tie for fifth and sixth, and it paid $2,357 per man.

No. 5: Koby Sanchez, 15,556.48 USD

Louisiana's Koby Sanchez received $122 at 5.2 for eighth place in the second round of the Greeley Stampede, earning a spot in the short round. Sanchez, who is heading to Trace Porter, is second and third at 4.0 to Livingston. In 2023, Livingston paid $4,677 per man for second and $4,317 per man for third.

Resistol Rookie Heeler of the Year Candidate

Denton Dunning. – No. 1 – $20,857.35

Denton Dunning just took the lead in the 2024 Resistol Rookie Heeler of the Year standings and is in the running for James Arviso. The two young guns cashed $914 for a seventh-place finish in the second round at Greeley with a 4.8 and made it back to the short round. Arviso and Dunning sit outside the money holes at Livingston and the Cody Stampede with a 4.6 and 4.8, respectively, but they continue to make solid runs this Cowboy Christmas.

Logan Moore – No. 3 – 18,096.25 USD

Logan Moore is behind Tyler Tryan and the two have had an impressive run in their rookie years at the Cowboys Christmas. Tryan and Moore currently lead the Livingston at 3.8, which pays $5,397 per man for a win in 2023. They are also tied for fifth at Red Lodge at 4.4. Last year there was a tie between fifth and sixth place and it paid $2,357 per man.

What about the previous Resistol Rookies of the Year?

This is how the Resistol Rookies of the Year of the last 10 years are doing this Cowboy Christmas.

Kaden Profili, Resistol Rookie Heeler of the Year 2023

Kaden Profili is currently ranked ninth in the world with $49,633.31 won this year, trailing Brenten Hall. Hall and Profili lead the Black Hills Roundup in Belle Fourche, South Dakota, with a 4.5. In 2023, Belle Fourche paid $4,594 per man to win. They are also ranked fifth in the first round of the St. Paul Rodeo (Oregon) with a 5.5, which paid $2,244 per man in 2023 for a tie between fourth and fifth place. They are also ranked second with a 4.7-second run at the Eugene Pro Rodeo (Oregon), which paid $2,422 per man for second place last year.

Ross Ashford, Resistol Rookie Heeler of the Year 2018

Ross Ashford is behind Coy Rahlmann and is 16th in the world standings with $41,073.73. Rahlmann and Ashford finished fourth in Greeley with 22.1 points in three places in average for $3,429 apiece, and the two received $384 for sixth place in the short round. Rahlmann and Ashford are currently second, third and fourth at Mandan Rodeo Days (North Dakota) with 4.5 points. Mandan paid $3,807 for second place, $3,299 for third place and $2,792 for fourth place in 2023.

Nelson Wyatt is just outside the top 15 with $34,053.60 won this year, and is ranked 18th in the world. Wyatt is putting up a solid fourth place finish: he is second in Round 1 at St. Paul with 5.3, sixth in Round 2 with 5.7, and second in average with 11.0 on two steers. In 2023, St. Paul paid $3,591 for second in Round 1, $1,436 for sixth in Round 2, and $5,386 for second in average. Wyatt is also fourth at Red Lodge with 4.3, which paid $3,050 per man for fourth last year. He is currently sixth in Livingston with 4.4. Last year in Livingston, a tie for fourth, fifth and sixth place paid $3,238 per man. Wyatt is also fourth at 4.5 in Cody, where a tie for third and fourth place paid $5,377 per man.

Dustin Egusquiza has taken the 2024 world rankings by storm and is ranked No. 1 with $88,068.42 (excluding Greeley). Egusquiza won Greeley 15.6 on three for $6,309 a man, cashing between rounds and a total of $10,234 each. Egusquiza started the July 4th heat with ease, winning Dickinson 4.0 on three for $3,596 a man. He and Levi Lord are currently tied for fourth at 4.1 in Livingston. In 2023, there was a tie for fourth, fifth and sixth at Livingston, which earned $3,238.

Cody Snow is ranked 14th in the world with earnings of $39,164.07 for the year. Snow finished sixth in the three-stroke average at Greeley with a score of 22.3, earning $2,195 per man. Between rounds and average, Snow earned $3,349 at Greeley. Snow currently ranks fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth in Cody with a score of 4.7. Last year at Cody, fifth place paid $4,399 per man and sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth place each earned $3,177.

Junior NogueiraResistol Rookie Heeler of the Year 2014

Three-time world champion Junior Nogueira is ranked 12th in the world with $43,397.70. Nogueira, who is behind two-time world champion and 2009 Resistol Rookie Header of the Year Kaleb Driggers, just won the Ponoka Stampede for $7,500 each. In total, Nogueira has earned $17,131 between rounds. Nogueira won the second round in Greeley with a 3.6 for $4,206 per man and currently leads Red Lodge with a 4.0. Red Lodge paid $4,437 per man for first and second place in 2023.