Nicola Coughlan will appear as a special guest in Doctor Who's Christmas special episode 'Joy to the World'. Details inside

Steven Moffat has confirmed Nicola Coughlan’s cameo appearance in the Doctor Who franchise!

Moffat – former Doctor Who showrunner and current writer for the franchise – says he can't wait for fans to see the Derry Girls star in action. Coughlan recently appeared as a lead in the third season of the period drama Bridgerton and became one of the most talked-about actresses of this year!

Steven Moffat confirmed Nicola Coughlan's cameo appearance in the upcoming Doctor Who episode

According to Radio Times, Moffat revealed Coughlan's guest appearance on Joy to the World. “Nicola is wonderful in it, she will break your heart,” he told Ireland AM. “I'm not allowed to say anything about it. At least I don't think I'm allowed to say anything about it, so I'll just keep my mouth shut.”

Given the heartbreaking ending to the final season of Doctor Who, the promise of an emotional hour was inevitable. In the final episode, Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) finally learned the identity of her birth mother and their rekindled relationship was an emotional sight to behold.

Although the episode received mixed reviews, the emotional stakes were high throughout. Moffat promises that tone will be maintained in the Christmas special episode – which the writers say is unlike anything audiences have seen before.

“I can't give much more away, but work has already started on it and it's insane. It's one of the craziest Christmas specials you'll ever see,” he said.

The traditional Christmas special episodes of Doctor Who

Since the show was rebooted in 2005, the franchise has managed to deliver exciting Christmas special episodes every season. Whether it's a battle with a villainous snowman, an encounter with deadly Christmas trees, or Santa Claus himself, the combination of Doctor Who and Christmas has done wonders for the show.

When Chris Chibnall took over as showrunner in 2017, he replaced the tradition with New Year's special episodes, which outraged fans. However, when Russell T. Davies stepped in as showrunner, he revived the Christmas episodes.

“The Church on Ruby Road” was the first special episode since the revival and the first full episode featuring the new Doctor, played by Ncuti Gatwa.

While you wait for the Christmas special episode, you can watch the latest season of the sci-fi series on Disney+ Hotstar.