Grandfathers for Golf is looking for volunteers to teach children golf

SAN JACINTO – There are more kids wanting to learn to play golf than there are volunteers to teach them. The Grandfathers for Golf summer program at Golden Era Golf Course in San Jacinto has a waiting list of kids wanting to learn to play golf. Why? Because there aren't enough volunteers to help the kids learn to play golf. Interested people don't have to be golfers to volunteer, and they're only needed for two hours one day a week.

Grandfathers for Golf has been introducing the game of golf to children who would otherwise likely never step foot on a golf course for over 25 years. The program is free for parents. Donations are appreciated but not required. When a child participates in the program, they receive a free set of golf clubs, a golf shirt and a golf cap.

Hundreds of children have completed the Grandfathers for Golf program and many have gone on to play on their school golf teams. Some have received golf scholarships and some have gone on to become golf professionals.

Tony Viola, president of Grandfathers for Golf, says, “I meet kids who say, 'Mr. Viola, do you remember me?' And I say, 'Sure,' even though when I knew them they were much smaller than they are now.”

David Hiemenz, Vice President of Grandfathers for Golf, said, “I was wearing my Grandfathers for Golf shirt when I walked into a store and a young man stopped me and told me he used to go to Grandfathers and how much he appreciated and enjoyed it. That made my day. That's what we're all about.”

Ask any of the volunteers why they do it and they will tell you that volunteering at Grandfathers is a rewarding experience. The children enjoy the game and keep coming back to learn more. Plus, volunteers are welcome to play golf at the Golden Era Golf Course after the children's work.

Volunteers also host a weekly golf tournament at various courses in the Hemet/San Jacinto area.

Individuals interested in joining this great group and volunteering for the Grandfathers for Golf program or interested in having their child in the program can call Tony Viola at 909-754-4148 or visit the website.