Video of a brawl on Carnival Cruise shows wild fight in which “drunk” women trade blows

The viral video showed a group of women – branded “drunk girls from Tampa” – throwing chairs, hitting and pulling each other to the ground while shouting profanities and threats.

A viral video from TikTok shows a group of women fighting in the dining room of a cruise ship.((Image: YouTube / @nickr5777))

A shocking video has gone viral showing the moment a wild brawl broke out on a Carnival Cruise ship.

The nearly seven-minute clip shows a group of women throwing chairs across a dining room, punching each other and pulling each other to the ground while shouting insults and threats.

The incident occurred last month on the Carnival Paradise cruise ship on the final night of a five-day voyage to Central America. The video was shared on TikTok and has since garnered over 4,000 views.

Nick Richardson, a 43-year-old passenger who filmed the chaos and posted it on YouTube and TikTok, said he was just getting a pizza in the cafeteria where the fight broke out. “I just want a pizza!” Richardson can be heard shouting in the video amid the commotion, Express US reports.

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The argument escalated when one of the women threw a chair at another woman on the other side of the dining room.((Image: YouTube / @nickr5777))

Towards the end of the film, security guards are seen entering the dining area and attempting to separate the fighting women, but their efforts prove largely ineffective as the women continue to scream and thrash around.

Even after the women were separated, the video shows the aftermath of the fight, with broken plates and furniture strewn around the dining room. “I thought to myself, 'This is definitely going to happen.' That's why I videotaped it,” Richardson told the New York Post.

“These girls had a plan of what they were going to do. It just got out of control very, very quickly. And that's what happens. You just drink too much.”

The video begins by showing several women engaged in a heated argument. The situation quickly escalates into full-blown violence when a woman starts throwing a chair at another group in the ship's dining room, to which Richardson comments, “Welcome to this fucking cruise!”

Nick Richardson, the man who filmed the brawl, said he wanted a pizza when he saw the chaos.((Image: YouTube / @nickr5777))

The footage then shows the women wrestling and pulling each other's hair, eventually throwing each other to the ground. At one point, one of the fighters appears to be heading straight for Richardson, who hastily backs away to avoid the melee.

During the brawl, Richardson repeatedly mentions his quest for pizza and even tries to lighten the mood by humorously suggesting, “Let's all eat pizza.” When security finally arrives to break up the brawl, Richardson remarks, “Last night too, I had to spoil it for everyone. Welcome to America.”

Richardson's video has since disappeared from his TikTok account. The Express reports that a representative for Carnival Cruise Line confirmed the June 6 incident and confirmed that the ship's “security team intervened in an incident.”

Authorities have not yet determined the cause of the brawl. “It is our policy not to tolerate such behavior. The guests involved have been fined and will no longer travel with Carnival Cruise Line,” a spokesman said.

Carnival's website states that passengers “must acknowledge and adhere to” the code of conduct, but violations could result in a $500 fine and possible expulsion from the ship.

The scuffle occurred on board the Carnival Paradise as it was en route back to the port of Tampa, Florida, on the last night of a five-day voyage through Central America.

The Carnival Paradise, a ship with space for 2,052 guests, typically sets sail from Tampa, according to CruiseMapper, and heads to idyllic destinations such as the Bahamas or various Central American countries, including Mexico and Honduras.